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Micellar Water
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After a long day, I want to be reunited with my bed as soon as possible once I make it home to my apartment. Even though it’s tempting, reading about the horrors of what sleeping with your makeup on has permanently scared me straight so I never skip washing the day’s products off before I hit the lights—no matter how late it is.

That being said, the quicker the cleanser can wipe all my makeup off the better. But, although I’m relatively simple when it comes to how many steps in my skincare routine, my actual complexion is high maintenance because it’s sensitive. So how do I get all of my makeup off without irritating my skin while keeping my inner lazy-girl happy? My go-to cleanser is Yes To’s Cucumber Micellar Water ($9; target.com).

Extra scrubbing to make sure every trace of foundation and concealer is gone is the biggest culprit of making my skin angry. But, what makes this micellar water great is that all my makeup comes off in a single swipe, and its soothing cucumber extract guarantees that my complexion remains calm. But, the biggest selling point is that micellar water is rinse-free, so it keeps the time down on my nighttime routine. Although no water is required, the product removes makeup while simultaneously refreshing and hydrating skin without stripping it of its essential natural oils.

While I’m no stranger to the export French pharmacy staple, since I go through bottles quicker than I drink a cup of coffee, using luxe brands’ micellar waters is an expensive habit. So, the fact that I can grab a fresh bottle on a drugstore run that works just as well as its fancier counterparts, makes me and my wallet extra happy. What also sets Yes To’s micellar water apart is its pump dispenser. It helps me not waste any product, and since two pumps goes a long way, I don’t have to restock mine as often.

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Now, you have no excuses to sleep in your makeup ever again; you’re welcome.