This Anti-Wrinkle, Acne-Fighting Serum Gives "Unreal" Results in 6 Days

“Long story short, I am aging in reverse.”

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This Anti-Wrinkle, Acne-Fighting Serum Gives “Unreal” Results in Six Days
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In the general sense, there are more than a few ways to feel young again. For me, it's eating chocolate chip pancakes, watching rom-coms from the early aughts, following Bennifer 2.0, and hearing the soundtrack to The Sims. Finding your way back to youthful skin is harder, especially if you shirked sunscreen in said youth — but thanks to the aptly named Yeouth Retinol Serum, shoppers say they look 16 years younger.

Much like CeraVe's best-selling serums, the Yeouth features a pared-down ingredient list that delivers the goods without unnecessary filler. Aloe leaf juice, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E work alongside retinol, the latter of which is microencapsulated, which the brand says allows it to slowly penetrate skin over time. That allegedly cuts down on irritation and dryness (the retinol blues, as I like to call them).

"When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, there are no topical ingredients proven to be more effective than retinoic acid," says Dr. Alexis Stephens, board-certified dermatologist and YouTube creator. "However, many people find that their skin cannot tolerate retinol without experiencing signs of sensitivity or irritation."

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So while that potency normally comes with a price, 80-year-old shoppers with "extremely sensitive skin" say the over-the-counter serum didn't disturb their skin at all, but made wrinkles they thought were set in stone look younger. The opinion is backed up by no less than 6,000 other people, all of whom left the $20 serum a five-star rating.

"I am 41 — and am always mistaken for a 25 to 30 year old," writes a shopper going on eight years using the serum. "I eat well, exercise, and have good genes. But no one can keep their skin this wrinkle-free and plump without help. Best line of skincare products I've ever used (why spend thousands when Yeouth is affordable?!)."

Reviewers in their 60s see just as impressive results: One provides photo evidence to prove it, and another says they regularly field questions on the secret behind their youthful skin. Smokers of 17 years say they witnessed a difference the first time they tried the serum, a week and a half of it softening fine lines, major wrinkles, and smoking-induced lines around their mouth.

"This product exceeds any and all high-end products by leaps and bounds," the person above continued. "I will not only be recommending, but buying this product for everyone I know, and most definitely will be buying for myself forever. Bye-bye to hundreds of dollars down the drain."

On top of handling fine lines, deep wrinkles, and crow's feet, reviewers say the doctor-recommended product makes an "unreal" difference for large pores, scars, and hormonal acne in six days. Those results are in all likelihood thanks to the retinol component, but customers in their 50s also note that their skin looks plumper, brighter, firmer, more vibrant, and less tired-looking (like a wordier "Harder Better Faster"), which they attribute to the hyaluronic acid.

"I've been using Yeouth's Day/Night Cream, retinol serum at night, and hyaluronic acid a few times a week, during the day," details a last fan. "Long story short, I am aging in reverse. I don't ever remember my skin glowing like this, and my wrinkles have noticeably softened." If you're looking for similar results, try the fountain of Yeouth for yourself.

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