Anti Aging Serum
Credit: Courtesy

You might have seen the price tag on Dior's new anti-aging serum and thought, "WHAT?!" But while Dior Prestige La Cure's newest anti-aging serum is one of the most expensive and most luxurious products the brand has ever put on shelves, it also happens to contain one of the rarest ingredients you can find, apparently.

That would be "Rose de Granville oil," which is reportedly cold pressed from the 800 roses grown in Dior's privately owned Normandy garden and hits shelves this month.

These aren't just any roses, though. The Rose de Granville blooms only twice a year—in the spring and the late summer—and matures for approximately five years before being harvested and cold pressed to extract the potent oil. Even more impressive is that in order to benefit from the rose's full skin-lovin' potential—"when its molecular power is three times more concentrated than any other time," says Dior—it must be plucked at the height of its bloom.

This creates a very narrow harvesting window of roughly one hour. For that reason, Dior Prestige La Cure is only able to produce small amounts of the product at a time.

As for the product itself, it's a three-week regimen involving three unique serums that contain the Rose de Granville oil. Week one resets your complexion, week two helps renew the skin, and week three perfects your skin.

Does the $1,550 price tag makes a little more sense now? And seriously, when is Dior inviting us to their gorgeous, rare rose-filled garden?