This Lifting Neck Cream Sold Out 3 Times Last Year — and We Have an Exclusive Sale Code

It targets loss of elasticity from menopause within days.

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This Lifting Neck Serum Sold Out 3 Times Last Year
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When menopause arrives, it doesn't come empty-handed. This period of change not only sends your hormones into a frenzy, but can be down-right brutal to your skin; loss of elasticity, a decrease in collagen production, and crepey skin are a handful of the visible effects you'll see. "This drop in hormone deflates the collagen which diminishes vascular and lymphatic circulation and moisturization," Dr. Ellen Marmur, Board Certified Dermatologist and founder of MMSkincare, previously told InStyle. "When estrogen levels decrease, the skin can also become saggy and dull."

The market for menopausal skincare is still relatively small, but companies like Womaness are paving the way for this niche area to flourish. The brand offers a collection of targeted treatments, created by women for women, that address hot flashes, dry skin, dark spots, and fine lines. Many products from the line-up have earned encouraging feedback from reviewers 40 years-old and above, but if there's one worth trying out first, it's the Lets Neck Serum.

The neck and décolleté serum claims to tighten, smoothe, and lift the crepiness associated with "turkey neck," a phrase used to describe noticeably thinning, sagging skin. Its cooling and massaging roller applicator easily glides across areas of concern to deliver a firmer, brighter appearance. And, according to a two-week brand conducted study, visible results come fast; 81 percent of women between the ages of 45 to 59 saw an improvement in wrinkles on the neck and chest.

Lets Neck Serum

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While the effects of menopause appear beyond the neck, it's vital to pay close attention to this delicate area in general. It often ages faster than other parts of the body due to sun damage, smoking, skin tone, "tech neck," and lack of nourishing care. "Horizontal lines on your neck are caused by the same factors that cause wrinkles on other areas of your face," Dr. Joshua Zeichner, board-certified dermatologist, shared with InStyle last year. "Weakening of the skin foundation, along with constriction of muscles under the skin, lead to skin folding and wrinkles that overtime will stick around even at rest." But as Dr. Zeichner goes on to say, though the skin on our necks is amongst the thinnest, using anti-aging formulas on the area can reinvigorate collagen production.

Impressively, Let's Neck is already setting records; it sold out three times last year, and has shipped over 11,000 units to date. Clearly, the people can't get enough: One reviewer says you will "feel photoshopped" after applications, because it "takes away the wrinkles instantly" and leaves you "feeling young again." Another shopper couldn't believe how smooth their neck and chest looked after only three days, while even more agreed they could actually "feel their skin tightening" after use.

"Where has this product been all my life? It is phenomenal," wrote one reviewer. "Not only is the actual product a dream to put on, the massager applicator feels amazing and makes me WANT to remember to hydrate and treat my neck and décolleté area. I have been applying twice a day, simply because it feels so wonderful and my skin is plumper, healthier looking and more vibrant."

"It really does make a difference," shared a second. "I am getting older and I am also losing weight, so combine the two and my fears about my neck looking jiggly with old-lady wrinkles is huge. I am religiously using this twice a day. I am not sure if it is wishful thinking, but I really do see a difference after just a few days."

The Lets Neck Serum is available for $21 with the InStyle exclusive sale code INSTYLE15. This discount spans across the entire site, so once you've added the popular serum to your cart, make sure to shop the rest of what Womaness has to offer.

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