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Updated May 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
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By surveying over 100 beauty pros, we’ve created the ultimate shopping list in our annual Best Beauty Buys. We understand, however, that with picks in 183 categories, narrowing down the ideal options for your skin type might feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we whipped up this quiz. In under a minute you’ll discover one of four curated kits, filled with 2016 winners, to amp up your arsenal.

Which of these products is a non-negotiable for you?

A. Body scrub

B. A cleansing brush

C. Daytime moisturizer

D. A spot treatment

How do you shop for skincare products?

A. At my favorite spa

B. On my smart phone

C. At the drugstore

D. Through my dermatologist

How long is your morning (or evening) skin-care routine?

A. At least 20 minutes – it’s all about the pampering

B. It depends on how many devices I’m using

C. Five minutes, max

D. It depends how many breakouts I’m battling that day

If you got mostly A's...

The Spa-Worshipper: For you, it's all about ultra-luxe products that transform your bathroom into a five-star resort.

Your Kit: While SK-II Facial Treatment Masks ($95/6 masks; can get your face glowing in minutes, you’ll want to show your body the same hydration and TLC. Together, Neutrogena’s cult-classic Body Oil ($9; and Clinique’s Deep Comfort Body Butter ($30; form a powerful defense against crocodile-skin.

If you got mostly B's...

The Tech Whiz: You’ve never met a skin gadget—be it a zit-zapping laser or an electronic exfoliator—you wouldn’t try.

Your Kit: You’ll love the smartest version of the cleansing brush that started it all: Clarisonic Smart Profile ($265;, which pairs nicely with a cleanser like CeraVe Foaming ($12; For a next-level scrub, look to PMD Personal Microderm ($159;, an electronic exfoliator that excavates pores by way of a spinning aluminum disc.

If you got mostly C's...

The Fuss-Busting Minimalist: You keep a tightly-curated kit of straightforward products that are simple to use.

Your Kit: You can amp up moisture with minimal effort by applying an overnight mask, like Origins’ antioxidant-rich Night-A-Mins ($43; In the morning, cleanse as normal before a quick rubdown with a gentle scrub like First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish ($24; The extra step is worth the minute as exfoliation helps keep pores clear and bring on a glow (not to mention allows your makeup go on more smoothly).

If you got mostly D's…

The Blemish-Buster: You hoard skin-care products that take no mercy on acne.

Your Kit: A dab of Neutrogena’s benzoyl peroxide-based On-the-Spot Treatment ($7; can shrink a pimple overnight. For all-over acne, La Roche-Posay’s anti-inflammatory Effaclar Duo ($37; works under makeup to help calm and clear angry skin. For daily use, Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light ($299; emits a wavelength that reaches deep into skin to destroy zit-causing bacteria.

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