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Credit: drbarbarasturm / Instagram

When it comes to skin elasticity and the prevention of premature aging, our faces get all the attention. Only recently did our necks start joining the conversation, but what about our arms and legs?

Enter anti-aging body moisturizer, the firming, soothing, softening, and rejuvenating product that you never knew you needed. And the one that’ll revolutionize your routine? Dr. Sturm’s Anti-Aging Body Cream ($105; net-a-porter.com).

The newest addition in the esteemed molecular cosmetics specialist's skincare line took three years to create. Up until its creation, Dr. Sturm says she was using her own facial moisturizer on her body because she wasn’t finding anything that performed to her liking. It’s designed first and foremost to hydrate, but its nutrient-rich formula is meant to tighten, tone, and protect your skin from the signs of aging thanks to the hero ingredient, purslane.

"Not only does it activate telomerase, the 'Fountain of Youth' enzyme, it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and rich in antioxidants,” says Dr. Sturm. "It [the cream] also features a luxurious blend of highly-effective ingredients including grape seed oil, extracts of white almond and elder berry blossom, squalene, shea butter, and Indian almond extract to support the skin’s barrier function and regenerate the hydro-lipid mantle.”

She calls purslane, specifically, one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet. "It’s a remarkable compound that can be applied and absorbed topically or ingested,” she says. "It has been used medicinally for centuries. British soldiers in the 18th century, as one example, used purslane as a poultice to help speed wound healing of musket burns. I rediscovered purslane nearly 15 years ago as part of a clinical research collaboration with two US universities. Although it was somewhat forgotten compound despite its long history, more recently it has been clinically studied at dozens of US and global academic institutions for its various healing properties and function on the body.”

While it is a cream and not a lotion, it still absorbs fast into the skin and is on the lighter side. It isn’t greasy at all, but a little goes a very long way for both your arms and your legs. "You can get right into your clothes after applying; a feature that was very important to me as I’m usually in a hurry, like we all are, and don’t want my body cream to stick to my clothes or leave any residue,” notes Dr. Sturm.

The creator notes that you can feel the results after just one use, and she isn’t kidding. After putting the product to the test for a few weeks, one InStyle beauty editor found that the skin on her arms and legs were drastically softer and the skin on her arms even felt slightly tighter, looked healthier, and were less blotchy. Not only that, but the results lasted longer than until her next shower.