Could This Treatment Be the Long-Awaited Secret to Curing Cellulite?

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Despite all the advancements we’ve made in corrective and preventative skincare (Botox, fillers, acne scar treatments), there’s one issue our lotions and potions and machines have done little to fix—cellulite.

The condition, which is the name for the dimpling of skin on areas like the thighs or buttocks, is sort of a mystery in and of itself, which is probably why the treatments and creams for curing it, or at least improving the appearance of it, have been majorly disappointing—well, possibly up until now.

Cellfina, an FDA-cleared in-office procedure, is gaining steam. "It is a minimally invasive treatment that utilizes suction (over each dimple) and a mechanical motorized unit with a thin needle than cuts the fibrous cords of connective tissue that cause cellulite and form dimples," explains board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dr. Sameer Bashey.

Because it's minimally invasive, local anesthesia is used, and Dr. Bashey says it's based on the concept of subcision, which is used to help with depressed acne scars. "Here the vacuum suction lifts the skin up so the motorized unit can cut the dimple easily." The release of the cords then allows the dimples to go away.

The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, and expected side effects include temporary swelling and bruising. Before this treatment hit the market, Dr. Bashey said there really wasn't a true and reliable way to address the problem. That explains why that cream you spent $300 didn't really do anything. "Other devices, techniques, massaging, and lasers have yielded only temporary and minimal improvement," he adds.

The ideal candidate has to have "true cellulite," which is the actual dimples or indentations on the skin. This doesn't count stretch marks or skin laxity. Dr. Bashey says he also avoids this procedure with patients who have very loose skin, those that have dimples due to poor liposuction technique, patients on blood thinners, or those who are older and have lax skin.

The results reportedly can be seen a few days after the procedure, but they're said to be best several weeks or even months after the treatment.

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"Results for each individual cellulite dimple last a minimum of 1 year, but based on the clinical data of physicians results of individually treated cellulite dimples are lasting more than 2-3 years," explains Dr. Bashey. "Of course, in areas that were not treated it is possible that cellulite may develop as time moves forward but this makes sense because these areas were never treated to begin with."

Before the treatment, Dr. Bashey recommends patients work the topical treatment ZO Oraser Cellulite Control Cream into their routine, while keeping it up after as well. "This is a phenomenal topical product that works very well with the Cellfina system. Every patient in our clinic who has cellulite receives this topical agent."

These type of results don't come cheap, though. At the ZO Skin Centre Beverly Hills, one treatment costs anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000.

For more info on this treatment, it's efficacy, and it's safety for you and your health, chat with your doctor or dermatologist.

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