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I can deal with a lipstick that maybe doesn’t stay put all day, or even a mascara that perhaps clumps up after one too many coats (I can go overboard in the application department). But the thing I definitely cannot deal with? Deodorant that doesn’t work.

I mean, UGH! Can you blame me for the minor freak out? You’re sitting there at your desk with the acute fear if you lift your arms up a tad too high, you’ll expose your deskmate to an atrocious odor. Or maybe it’s that you’ll reveal a little moistness or a sweat stain. Either way, when I’m in those situations I’m never pleased.

We’ve all been there, but I can bet that none of us wanna go back to that moment, so picking the right product is more than key.

First, you should probably understand the basics of deo. "A deodorant simply prevents unwanted body odor caused by sweat, but does not stop you from sweating, while antiperspirant helps reduce sweat and stop odor from the start. Those who wish to reduce sweating should choose an antiperspirant product,” says Jaime Stahl, Scientist at Secret Deodorant.

Now that you’ve got the terms down, you can better shop the store.

She also told me that there are three different causes to sweat—heat, activity, and stress. Turns out, sweat stress is released from the Eccrine and the Apocrine gland and a lot of those glands are located under your arms. Jaime says they release a substance that contains cholesterol, lipids, and proteins which bacteria identifies as nutrients. "The bacteria eat these nutrients, and this is what results in more odor.”

Mind blown!

I test a lot of deodorant partly because it’s my job and partly because it’s something I get to test while I exercise. While doing so, I’ve found a few gems along the way. I also have coworkers who give me all the deets on their faves. Yes, deo is something we talk about fondly at the MIMI HQ.

In case you’re on the hunt, I created a decision tree that documents some formulas that truly stand out to the MIMI team.

While MIMI loves these, if you have any concerns or need a pro’s opinion, always talk to your derm or doc.

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When it comes to controlling odor and sweat that just. won't. stop, I reach for Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid ($7; It's especially great if you're wearing a black tee and you're terrified of deo marks. Another one of my fave picks? Dove Deodorant ($6; always comes through. It's great for odor, sweat, and it also moisturizes that underarm area. Sometimes due to shaving, my underarms become dry and itchy, so this really comes to the rescue. I also love my dry sprays. Degree consistently makes my gym bag, and I find it's great for sweat and odor.