It’s worked wonders on my ultra-dry skin.

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This Julia Roberts-Approved Moisturizer Is the Only One I Trust — and It’s Actually Affordable (IS)
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When she’s not applying eyeshadow to Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber, Kate Bosworth, or one of her many other celebrity clients, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is teaching her Instagram following (all 374,000 of them) about makeup and skincare. In my opinion, she’s one of the best people to follow on Instagram right now because of her easily digestible — but oh so valuable — Instagram Story nuggets. That’s how I discovered my ultra-dry skin’s new drink of choice: Weleda Skin Food.

Hughes rubs a dab of the universal, thick cream between her fingers and then onto the high points of her face before swiping on concealer or foundation. The result looks so shiny and nourished — it truly mimics the look of an expensive highlighter. Botanical extracts like pansy, calendula, and lavender provide emollients and aromatics, while sunflower seed oil, almond oil, and beeswax make up its impenetrable base.

It wasn’t until after I saw (and loved) its $11 price tag that I learned of Skin Food’s cult-favorite status. The unassuming green tube has over 1,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, and celebrities like Julia Roberts and Victoria Beckham love it — particularly as a body cream.

Marketed as an ultra-rich cream for rough, dry skin, the versatile moisturizer can go anywhere. "I put it on my hands after I wash the dishes, and wind up putting it on my elbows and feet," Roberts previously told InStyle. "Before you know it, I've squeezed this poor little green tube into a twist." But that’s okay, because it’s affordable enough to repurchase again and again.

Beckham also told Into the Gloss that it’s her go-to for a head-to-toe glow. “What I love about it is that it’s not particularly expensive and you can find it anywhere,” she said. “The formula is so thick and buttery. When I have a tan, I’ll mix it with coconut oil — the same you use to cook with — and cover my entire body with it. I suppose some people may not like the greasiness, but it helps me hold on to the color … I go through so many of these.”

With that being said, the thickness of this cream cannot be overstated — if your skin’s on the oily side, you may want to tread lightly. Its texture can be intimidating at first because it squeezes from the tube like toothpaste. But a little goes a long way, and once you warm it between your hands, it spreads over the skin like butter.

I use it on my face day and night, and it hasn’t steered me wrong. In fact, I find that I find far fewer dry patches during makeup application, and bonus: My husband always compliments the citrus scent when I crawl into bed. There’s a good reason Hughes, Roberts, Beckham and 1,500 customers are so dedicated to Weleda Skin Food. And now, I am too.

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food Skin Cream
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