By Erin Lukas
Updated Apr 18, 2017 @ 10:45 am

A cold shower might be a foolproof way to feel refreshed during the summer, but when you’re sweatier than the iced coffee you sipped on while out on the humid streets you’ll take all of the relief from the heat that you can get.

Since the only thing cooler than being cool is ice cold, why not take your cool down to the next level by adding a frozen serum to your skincare routine? That’s where Votre Vu’s Les Sorbet Frozen Sérum ($140; comes into the equation. The French brand’s serum comes in a frozen push-pop form that’s meant to be stored in the freezer between uses. It comes with two pieces: a vial containing the actual serum and the push-pop container you pour it into before putting it in the freezer to freeze overnight. Stocking it next to your bags of peas and quarts of ice cream preserves and enhances all of the serum’s benefits

The anti-aging formula is a blend of potent anti-aging ingredients including 40-percent marine actives like elastin and collagen, along with muscle-relaxing vegetable peptides that fight free radicals, tones, tightens, and overall revitalizes your complexion.


It may be mid-April, but the weather in N.Y.C. this past weekend felt like the middle of a June heatwave. After spending the afternoon outside taking advantage of the weather, I was a little sweaty. That evening, I grabbed the frozen serum-pop out of the freezer after cleansing my skin and glided it all over my face, massaging the excess product in circular motions. Instead of brain freeze and sticky fingers, my complexion instantly felt refreshed, looked significantly more radiant, and my cheeks had a healthy flush like when you first step inside on a sub-zero winter day.

Considering how quickly the serum melted into my skin and how glowy and less puffy I looked, I’m predicting that I’ll be slathering it on morning and night to stay chill while looking awake on summer’s hottest days.