I Will Defend Using This $128 Body Lotion to My Grave

U Beauty's The Super Body Hydrator is extremely moisturizing, but not greasy.

U Beauty The Super Body Hydrator
Photo: Courtesy of U Beauty

Every so often a moisturizer comes around that's so good I want to slather it all over the skin below my neck, too. Sure, there's typically no harm done if you use a product intended for your face on the rest of your body, but a 50mL jar doesn't go a long way.

The above scenario applies to when I first tried U Beauty's The Super Hydrator, a facial moisturizer powered by the brand's signature Siren Capsule Technology, which delivers active ingredients to areas of the skin that need it most. In the case of this product, it's long-chain hyaluronic acid for extra hydration. My skin was noticeably more glowy when I was using it because it better retained moisture.

It turns out founder Tina Craig is on the same wavelength as me and the rest of her brand's fans. (You may also know her as BagSnob, one of the OG fashion blogs.) U Beauty's latest launch is The Super Body Hydrator, a body lotion inspired by the beloved facial moisturizer.

This formula contains the same long-chain hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration, plus siren capsules that deliver active ingredients targeted to effectively penetrate the body's thicker skin. The result is smooth, soft, and radiant skin that lasts up to 48 hours. There's also niacinamide to minimize signs of aging, B-glucan to even texture and tone, hydrolyzed walnut extract for free radical protection, matrikine peptide to improve elasticity, and purified oat extract to soothe puffiness and redness.

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U Beauty The Super Body Hydrator

The skin below my neck tends to be dry and dull year-round, so I always gravitate towards thick body care products. However, during the summer, I don't want to sweat with a heavy body lotion on, further sticking to the New York City subway seats. So, I look for formulas that don't leave a greasy film behind.

Despite the rich texture of The Super Hydrator, it inexplicably absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling just as soft at night as it did in the morning. But another major reason why this body lotion passes my test: I can effortlessly put on leggings immediately after applying it without breaking a sweat. Oh, and did I mention it's unscented?

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The $128 price tag makes The Super Hydrator a splurge in comparison to other options, but being able to get dressed in the morning instantly after applying my body lotion is truly priceless.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we're rebuying U Beauty's The Super Body Hydrator despite the $128 price tag.

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