This Glow-Boosting Toner Smoothes Skin So Well, Shoppers Are "Feeling 22 Again"

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Agree or disagree with me here, but I think it's safe to say toners are often the forgotten step in a majority of routines. Whether people view them as superfluous, irritating to the skin, or merely a waste of precious dollars, I'd counter that they've simply never tried the Tula Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment. One of the brand's hero products, the fast-acting toner has been called a "miracle in a bottle" for its ability to shrink pores, soothe acne, and smooth over uneven texture and wrinkles in flash.

There's a reason one reviewer called this gel-like toner the "missing piece" in their skincare regimen. As Dr. Melanie Palm, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, previously shared with InStyle, "The use of a toner can have the added benefit of mechanical removal of skin debris. Simple application of a skincare product such as a serum does not lift off dull skin cells." Toners, especially ones with exfoliating properties like this one, can contribute benefits to the skin far beyond other steps in your daily line-up. Loosening up dead skin cells, brightening dark spots, and paving the way for serums and creams to do their job more effectively are just a handful of their advantages.

Tula Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment

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And according to hundreds of five-star reviews, the Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment is one for the books. No really — there were so many positive reviews to comb through, I nearly gave up half-way through. One person wrote that they rely on the product so much to keep their skin balanced, they "wish it came in a gallon" size. Plenty of shoppers agree that it "saved" their skin, and several witnessed "dramatic" improvements on a variety of concerns. And, not to get too visual, but another shopper claimed their skin was now as smooth as "a newborn's bottom," while a second said their face was so refreshed and glowing, they are "feeling 22 again."

Here's why it works: The alcohol-free and dermatologist-tested formula contains a blend of probiotic extracts, hyaluronic acid, blueberry, and snow mushroom, which gently exfoliates to improve radiance and tone across the skin. But glycolic acid is truly the star ingredient; one of the more popular alpha hydroxy acids, it's known to correct a multitude of concerns at once, from aging to cystic acne to dullness. "It stimulates new collagen growth in the dermis, and it regulates normal pigment production which encourages even skin tone," Dr. Palm previously told InStyle. "All of these effects have a youthful appearance to the skin and increase skin luminosity."

"I was always someone that [thought] toners were a scam and that a serum would suffice," shared one satisfied shopper. "Since purchasing and using this for a few weeks, I have truly noticed a difference in my skin. This really helps balance out my face and take care of blemishes that are coming up… I have also noticed that after popping pimples on my face in the morning and applying this at night, the pimples are no longer red and are significantly smaller."

"I've spent countless amounts of time and money on products to fix my severe acne," another reviewer said. "This changed my life!" And another person reported that the product "has done a miracle" for their face, adding, "This is the first time in a very long time that I haven't had adult acne."

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