Amazon's Best-Selling Vitamin C Serum With 69,000+ Perfect Ratings Is 45% Off — but Only for 24 Hours

Shoppers in their 60s “marvel at how smooth” their skin looks after using it.

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Amazon’s Best-Selling Vitamin C Serum With 69,000+ Perfect Ratings Is 45% Off — but Only for 24 Hours
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Polyglutamic acid, niacinamide, kombucha, aquaxyl — there is an endless array of buzzy and trendy active ingredients competing for the skincare spotlight at any given time. While they definitely all have their merits, sometimes you just need something old and reliable like vitamin C. It's a stalwart ingredient in everything from serums to sunscreens thanks to a wide range of scientifically proven benefits including skin brightening, wrinkle reduction, and protection against damaging free radicals and UV exposure.

If you have been captivated by the siren song of vitamin C, TruSkin's Vitamin C Serum stands above the rest, and it's 45 percent off today and today only. The serum, which has over 69,000 five-star ratings, is just $20.

It's a great price for a serum that dozens of shoppers have dubbed "a miracle." This is a straightforward product — the main ingredient is the titular vitamin C, which is aided by another hyaluronic acid. The combination, as New York City-based dermatologist Rachel Nazarian previously told InStyle, results in a product "that targets uneven skin tones, pigment, free radical damage, and hydration," without the irritation sometimes associated with vitamin C. The formula is topped off with vitamin E, which is a super moisture-quenching ingredient that complements hyaluronic acid's hydration properties.

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Shop now: $20 (Originally $36);

A 67-year-old shopper who has melasma (a condition where gray and blue patches and dots appear on the skin) wrote that they tried "everything" to get rid of it, but since using TruSkin Vitamin C "the melasma has never been lighter. My skin tone just looks very even… every morning when I look in the mirror at my face, I marvel at how smooth it looks for my age."

"Laugh lines and large forehead wrinkles" were improved after just one week of use, according to another shopper. "My skin looks more hydrated, which is key to reducing lines…it has also started shrinking my larger pores."

One last shopper with "normal skin," "laugh lines, and wrinkles" wrote, "I noticed my face glowing, I stopped wearing foundation, and my kids told me I looked like I had makeup on."

The 1-ounce bottle typically retails for $20, but on July 12 of Amazon Prime Day, the 2-ounce bottle of the serum is the same price.

Take it from the tens of thousands of shoppers, you won't regret purchasing TruSkin Vitamin C Serum — especially at this price.

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