I've Always Avoided Facial Oil's - Then I Tried This Soothing, Anti-Aging One

This Luxury Facial Oil Fights Wrinkles and Combats Inflammation Overnight

I hate how much I love it.
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I'm overly cautious about what I apply on my sensitive skin. This stems from years of stumbling through skincare without a clue when I overdid it on harsh acne treatments and pore-clogging creams. But after gaining more knowledge, I've been able to curate a dedicated regimen that serves my complexion in the best ways possible — and recently, one facial oil has become an integral part of it for many reasons.

True Botanicals has long offered two coveted facial oils with hundreds of fans to boot, but the newest addition to the range is my absolute favorite: the Calm Pure Radiance Oil. The blend was specifically formulated for the most sensitive skin and aims to tackle related issues: inflammation and redness, alongside larger concerns like hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and eczema. It also acts as an anti-aging treatment to slow the progression of fine lines and wrinkles.

Calm Pure Radiance Oil
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Shop now: $110; truebotanicals.com

The blend of oils is a drink of water for your skin. Cucumber seed oil instantly penetrates to boost the skin's overall anti-inflammatory properties, while fresh, organic ginger reverses sun damage and rejuvenates dull skin to a glowing, youthful state. Calendula oil provides antibacterial properties that prevent blemishes, dryness, and irritation from occurring, while nourishing jojoba oil offers endless hydrating and anti-aging benefits. 

The soothing oil has quickly become my antidote for skin flare ups; I often lean on it after aggressive retinol applications to soften dry cracks or flaking. It also shrinks painful blemishes and adds a healthy glow to my skin overnight. I love how a little truly goes a long way — three drops is enough to cover my entire face, so I know one bottle will last me a while. Though it's steep in price, the benefits I've seen are unmatched by any other facial oil I've tried. To me, it's worth every penny. 

The Calm Pure Radiance Oil only launched in mid-March, but if other users come to rely on it as much as I have, it won't be long before it becomes just as popular as it's predecessors. Head to True Botanicals to grab a bottle for $110 before it does.