Your Favorite Hand Sanitizer Brand Just Launched Its First-Ever Anti-Aging Formula

Introducing Touchland's Glow Mist.

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When Barcelona-native Andrea Lisbona launched Touchland in 2010, she fully intended for hand sanitizer to become your next coveted beauty product.

"About ten years ago, I found myself asking, why are these products that we use so frequently so generally unpleasant?", she tells InStyle. The sticky feel, the dryness felt afterward, and the strong smell of other sanitizers inspired her to go off and create her version of the health-meets-beauty product.

"I really wanted the product to be something people would be proud to show off and that they would use because they wanted to, not because they had to," says Lisbona. And her efforts paid off.

The brand's sleek and cool Power Mists have gone viral on TikTok multiple times this year alone, and the brand itself has built a large following — even before the COVID-19 pandemic sparked an uptick in hand sanitizer sales.

Lisbona and her team are now taking hand sanitizer to the next level, yet again, by introducing the Glow Mist ($16,, the first-ever anti-aging hand sanitizer. It comes in the same format as the OG Power Mists — but with more exciting skincare benefits.


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"Hands are one of the first places on our bodies to show signs of aging," says Lisbona. "With all of us using hand sanitizer more than ever, we wanted to offer treatment benefits to elevate the practice of sanitizing the hands and turning it into a beauty ritual. And as someone who personally hates hand lotion, the Glow Mist is an ideal way for me to keep my hands feeling super moisturized and soft while sanitized."

The Glow Mist is designed to rejuvenate, purify, and detoxify the skin while fighting against visible signs of aging and restoring the skin's glow. Its formula contains detoskin and vitasource, which Lisbona explains are two powerhouse skincare ingredients that help restore the skin's natural barrier by boosting collagen production, increasing cellular turnover rate, improving the appearance of skin tone, firmness, and protecting against blue light damage.

"We even clinically tested Glow Mist, and found that 97% of users said that Glow Mist made their skin appear healthier, smoother, and firmer after continued use," says Lisbona.

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After being gifted a sample of the Glow Mist from the brand, I admit it's become a staple in my routine, and I don't leave my house without it. My immediate thoughts after trying the formula were all about the smell. It's the complete opposite of other hand sanitizers that remind me of the cheap vodka I used to buy in college — whoops. Instead, the rosewater scent is light, refreshing, and subtly sweet.

I also liked how lightweight the formula felt and how quickly it absorbed into the skin. After spritzing some on, my hands immediately soaked up the formula without having to aggressively rub my skin together. The best part of it all, though, is how soft my hands felt afterward. I was shocked when I noticed the moisturizing benefits of the sanitizer coming through. After using it, my skin felt smooth and comfortable, which is a life-saving element while I try to survive a New York City winter.

Although I haven't had the product long enough to experience any of the anti-aging benefits, Lisbona says as long as you're consistent, you'll notice a difference. "Like all treatments, consistency will bring the maximum benefit. So I would recommend at least one application per day," she says. And in a global pandemic, once a day isn't a bad idea, anyway.

So long germs and dry hands!

Good to Go used to be the column where we'd share the beauty products we can't travel without. But while travel's off the table, we'll be focusing on products that make us feel good in quarantine. This month, why I'm obsessed with Touchland Glow Mist.

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