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Having egg on your face isn't always a bad thing, especially when said egg moisturizes your skin, nixes excess oil, and tightens your pores. Lucky for you, Too Cool for School, a Korean skin-care brand available on Sephora, recently launched their Egg Cream Sheet Masks, which claim to do all of the above.

The brand has actually launched three new egg sheet masks, which join their already existing eggy product lineup. Sounds weird, right? Well, they promise some intriguing results.

Each mask has a specific purpose, too, allowing you to target and overcome your skin-care woes. One tightens pores, one firms the skin, and one hydrates.

Other items in the egg collection include their Egg Mousse Soap Facial Cleanser, Egg Mousse Body Oil, and Egg Mousse Pack. Also launched this week are their Egg Mellow Body Butter and Egg Mellow Cream. They're all creamy and light, leaving your skin nourished and healthy without feeling oily and certainly without drying you out.

Eggs have long been used in skin care, and you can also find them in DIY beauty recipes for your skin and hair.

So there you have it — proof that eggs make more than one delish omelet.