By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Dec 14, 2017 @ 1:15 pm
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Youthful Skin
Credit: NKS_Imagery/Getty Images

You have Alexa for controlling your life (lights and music!) as you sit on the couch, your iPhone for answering any question imaginable, and now, the Titan for taking care of your fine lines and wrinkles. Once only a job for SPF, serum, and maybe crossing your fingers hoping you have good genes, at-home handheld devices have taken over the anti-aging skincare category—and the Titan is the latest instrument beauty pros are swearing by for its Fountain of Youth-like powers.

The FDA-cleared handheld tool uses what's its brand, Silk'n, is calling "harmonized energy technology" to activate your skin's restoration process, repairing collagen and elastic fibers, or what gives your skin the shape and suppleness, increase circulation to improve tone, and also works to help with the synthesis of collagen fibers. These benefits are thanks to the trio of infrared energy, LED light energy, and RF energy.

Celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder, a pro who regularly works with stars like Megan Fox and January Jones, swears by it personally and even says she'll use it on clients the night before she does their makeup to create a smoother, firmer canvas.

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"I see that my skin looks tighter, firmer—it just looks smoother. And I saw results after a couple of times using it," she told InStyle.

So how do you use it? The brand recommends you incorporate it into your routine only twice a week, and you need to spend about 15 minutes on each treatment zone.

After determining what energy level is for you (energy level 1, if it's your first time), its suggested to apply a thin layer of "Slider Gel," which comes with the device, on your treatment zone. This is meant to be a conductor for the energy, allowing it to travel beneath the skin. Then, you move the device back and forth in linear motions over the facial treatment area or on your neck.

Other than a warm sensation, which is meant to kickstart the skin's renewing mechanism, the brand notes there is no pain, but Blunder tells us that you can be a little red after using it, so it's best to do it in the evenings and not right before you need to leave the house.

And at $269 a pop, it's a lot less than booking twice-a-week spa appointments.

While we can't personally vouch for its powers, the hype might be worth your investigation.