This Is the Scar-Fading Soap Everyone's Watching in Action on TikTok

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This TikTok-Famous Soap Lightens Dark Marks In Days
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The wonders of TikTok are endless. In the last year alone, the platform has brought us finds like Lizzo's favorite butt-shaping leggings, Lizzo's favorite face oil (listen, she has good taste), and a frozen moisturizer that sounds incredibly appealing, given the heat descending on the country right now. And just in time to really kick off summer, the platform has unearthed a skincare find that lightens dark marks in days.

Oh, and it's $6. The teens did good with this one.

Dubbed the T.Taio Esponjabon Sponge Soap Concha Nacar, the Mexican innovation is a soap-infused sponge that's won over 723,000 views on TikTok and counting. As if that wasn't impressive enough, the creation is currently ranked as Amazon's second best-selling new beauty release — perhaps thanks to the 723,000+ people who saw the viral videos and thought, yes please.

One such video demonstrates the creator scrubbing the soap sponge all over, with a timeline showing how effectively it fades dark spots on their thighs, underarms, and face. The comments are packed with people asking where they bought it, and while the original videos came from shoppers at Mexican chain stores, Amazon's apparently become the destination to stock up.

"My skin has cleared up," writes one shopper, along with a before-and-after photo of their noticeably clearer skin after trying it for a week. "I have not had a pimple since I have started using this soap. My face is super soft." Others second the finding for acne, and the soap tackles dark spots with just as much vigor: One shopper says that while they were skeptical after seeing it on TikTok, they saw their "dark armpits" lighten after three days with it. "Long story short, I am in love."

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They're not alone. One person with sensitive skin says they noticed a big difference right away, their acne scars fading before their eyes. Dark spots on shoppers' noses also lighten within five days, and the convenience of a sponge pre-loaded with deeply effective soap is hugely appealing. "I really had doubts about it, but after seeing it so many times I decided to order it," writes another cautious shopper. "I've only had the soap for a week, and it's already lightening up my dark spots under my arms and on my elbows."

For some insight into the mysterious wonder-worker, we turned to board-certified dermatologists Dr. Michele Green and Dr. Emily Porter Gerson. Per Green, the results follow from the soap's mix of moisturizing glycerin and exfoliating ingredients. "Mother of pearl extract is a natural and gentle exfoliator derived from oyster shell powder," she says. "This ingredient sloughs away dead skin cells while deeply cleansing the pores, potentially contributing to lightening areas of hyperpigmentation by promoting quicker skin cell turnover rate." Gerson adds that the ingredient also decreases the function of tyrosinase, an enzyme that causes the production of melanin — and in doing so, minimizes the appearance of sunspots (although she notes that because the soap is made in Mexico, it's not regulated by the FDA).

That exfoliating power also leaves bumpy skin on shoppers' arms feeling much softer and smoother, their keratosis pilaris lightening as old scars and bacne disappear. For the price, the consensus is that you "most definitely should try this soap" — and given how quickly TikTok makes things sell out, you should grab it while you can. This summer waits for no one.

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