Do you live in one of them?
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According to Amazon purchasing trends from the past couple of years, it turns out that some cities buy way more sunscreen than others throughout the year. The crew buying and applying sunscreen the most? New Yorkers. They purchased the most SPF products compared to any other city in the US from the retailer over the course of 2015 — not just in the summer months.

The cities who follow in this trend of consistent applying throughout the year are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and San Diego. All of the above frequent sunscreen purchasers make perfect sense considering the year-round sun shenanigans going on (aside from Chicago and New York, so props to these residents for applying even in the frigid months).

On average throughout the country, SPF purchases were up 8 percent higher from 2014 to 2015. Amazon's trend report also specified that lotion reigns supreme as the most popular type of SPF, versus sprays, powders and sticks. In fact, lotion SPF was purchased 83 percent of the time compared to the other types. As for the most common SPF level? A solid 40.