This Pore-Shrinking Exfoliant Remains Gentle on the Skin — and People Are Seeing Results After One Use

“I added this tonic to my nighttime routine and saw results the next morning.”

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Tatcha Exfoliant
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Sometimes your skin needs a little extra push to reach its full potential — that's where a liquid exfoliant can step in. Exfoliating weekly provides endless benefits to the skin's surface, such as preventing dead skin cells from turning into flakes, clearing out congested pores, and smoothing over uneven texture to reveal your softest, brightest complexion. If using a chemical exfoliant sounds daunting, especially to those with higher sensitivity, Tatcha's newest launch is a safe option that offers fast results while remaining ultra-gentle on the skin.

The Texture Tonic is a liquid exfoliating treatment composed of kind-to-skin ingredients that instantly clarify without drying the skin out. Japanese mugwort, a botanical used by Japanese women to cleanse the skin for thousands of years, reduces redness, even outs discoloration, and makes large pores appear smaller. Fruit AHAs from apple, grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, hawthorn, and jujube fruit extracts are responsible for resurfacing smooth layers of skin, while wild rose and niacinamide (vitamin B3) manage excess oil production for a more balanced complexion that's less susceptible to breakouts.

Texture Tonic

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When used correctly, a liquid exfoliant can truly change the course of your skin problems. Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, board-certified dermatologist in New York City, previously shared with InStyle that removing dead skin cells "increases the rate of your skin regeneration process," which in turn can soften fine lines and wrinkles, combat clogged pores, and boost the effectiveness of other skincare products. Dr. Neal Schultz, board-certified MD, New York City-based dermatologist, also shared in the same article that "those flakes prevent moisturizers from fixing dry skin, so getting rid of them is a must to allow moisturizers to work, as well as to remedy the unattractive look of dull flaky skin."

The exfoliant's ability to transform the skin both immediately and through long term use was proven by brand-run clinical studies. After one week of trials, users showed a 100 percent improvement in skin clarity, a 92 percent improvement in skin texture and oil production, and a 90 percent improvement in the look of pores. Another study performed on 40 panelists over the course of four weeks concluded that 100 percent of users reported a reduction in the look of pores and redness, alongside major differences in skin tone and texture.

Further proof can be found within the product's reviews section on the brand website, where shoppers rave about the visible differences they've noticed. One person shared that their pores looked smaller within two weeks of application, while another experienced a decrease in flakiness that left their skin appearing far smoother. A third shopper wrote that its "gentle but complete exfoliation" doesn't disappoint, and is "worth every drop."

"I added this tonic to my nighttime routine and saw results the next morning," said another. "Skin was noticeably smoother on my forehead, where I have some bumpy, uneven skin texture. Really impressed! My skin can be sensitive, but this causes no irritation and feels nice while applying."

"I noticed results in just a few days," chimed in one more. "I've always been conscious about the size of my pores. They have very noticeably reduced in size since using this product. 100 percent would recommend."

Tatcha's newest addition, The Texture Tonic, can be found on both the Tatcha and Sephora websites for $59.

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