By Erin Lukas
Updated Dec 27, 2017 @ 12:15 pm
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Most cleanses leave you hangry, irritable, and tired—and frankly, aren't worth it. Still, if you're a victim of marketing and feel the need to start the new year off with a clean slate in some capacity, there's an alternative to ruining your January with a juice cleanse: a detox for your complexion.

Perhaps you're seeing the effects of too many festive cocktails at holiday parties, greasy foods, and seasonal-related stress, whatever the case, Tatcha's new The Deep Cleanse Gel Cleanser ($38; is your answer for starting the new year with clearer, softer, more even skin.

This cleanser reaches deep into pores to suck out dirt, oil, and impurities—otherwise known as future breakouts waiting to happen—with the added bonus of a mild exfoliator to even out skin texture. It's an oil-free gel that upon contact with damp skin, lathers into a rich foam that you rinse away after you've massaged it over your entire complexion.

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While the thought of using a cleanser that also exfoliates every day probably sounds just as scary as giving up solid food for a few days, Japanese Luffa fruit is mild enough for sensitive and dry complexions. As this cleanser's natural exfoliant, it gently sweeps away dead skin cells while the ground fruit extract conditions skin so it stays hydrated. Japanese wild rose and leopard lily round out the formula by tightening pores, smoothing texture, and minimizing excess oil.

Consider this the one cleanse that won't fail.