4 Glow-Inducing Products to Buy From Tatcha's Big Sale — Including a Lip Mask Jennifer Aniston Uses

The 20 percent off sale is a rare treat.

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Tatcha Sale Roundup
Photo: Tatcha/ InStyle

Missing a sale isn't always the end of the world. Yes, it's a lost opportunity, but there is bound to be another one around the corner. This holds true for many brands, but not for Japanese skincare brand, Tatcha.

Beloved by beauty editors, shoppers, and celebrities, Tatcha has two sales a year — a 20 percent off friends and family sale in the summer and, of course, Black Friday deals. So, if you miss this summer sale, you're out of luck until winter.

This year, the sale starts June 17 and ends June 27. There are 92 products listed on the website right now, and after spending hours combing through the reviews of nearly every single one of them (in addition to trying everything I could get my hands on), I will tell you it's damn near impossible to pick something you won't be satisfied with.

That being said, I have combed through and selected the four Tatcha products I recommend snatching up while they're on sale this week: The Water Cream, Texture Tonic, Kissu Lip Mask, and Liquid Silk Canvas Primer.

The Texture Tonic

tatcha sale roundup

Shop now: $47 (Originally $59); tatcha.com

I was devoted to the same toner pads for the last decade or so until I met The Texture Tonic. This gentle liquid exfoliant sloughs off dead skin cells, unclogs and tightens pores, all the while improving the skin's texture.

Unlike every other toner I've tried, this is so gentle and nourishing while minimizing oil production and preventing congested skin. One of the hundreds of five-star reviewers wrote that after a week of use, "I noticed a big difference in the pore size and amount of congestion around my nose and T-zone," as well as skin that breathes better without the lessened burden of excess oil production.

The Water Cream

tatcha sale roundup

Shop now: $55 (Originally $69); tatcha.com

The sensation of the Water Cream hitting your face is unlike anything else I have ever tried — and that's saying a lot from someone who tests hundreds of products a month. The cream-gel texture feels like applying cool aloe vera to a sunburn — instant cooling relief. Once you spread the Water Cream across your skin, it feels like it literally turns into water; it's just incredibly thin and hydrating.

But unlike splashing your face in water, The Water Cream has antioxidant Japanese wild rose that promotes circulation, leopard lily to minimize oil production and the size of pores, and a 23-karat gold finish that imparts a long-lasting dewiness.

It also has over 2,000 five-star reviews from gushing shoppers, one of whom wrote "[The Water Cream] is so great and helps other products work better, while also being super hydrating on my skin." Another shopper in their sixties wrote that after using this, their "mature" skin "looks poreless."

The Kissu Lip Mask

tatcha sale roundup

Shop now: $22 (Originally $28); tatcha.com

If the Kissu Lip Mask had gone under your radar until now, you're not to be blamed; it's one of the brand's sleeper hits. I was turned on to it last November after spotting it in one of Jennifer Aniston's Instagram stories, and it's come to be my version of the ever-so-popular Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

Instead of using it as a lip mask, I use the tiniest amount spread thin on my lips throughout the day as lip balm. It keeps my pout flake-free and perfectly hydrated. Besides Aniston and myself, it has over 600 five-star reviews with happy shoppers saying it leaves lips "plump," "shiny," and "hydrated." A reviewer even wrote that one use left their lips the softest they've ever been.

The Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

tatcha sale roundup

Shop now: $42 (Originally $52); tatcha.com

Liquid Silk Canvas Primer was my introduction to Tatcha — this was before TikTok virality or Instagram reels were a thing; I was led to this simply by word of mouth. This primer is incredibly multitasking — it preps skin for makeup by creating a smooth, glideable, poreless surface with minimal oiliness. It has a blurring effect that hides pores and wrinkles, in addition to creating a barrier between your skin and outside stressors.

When I start my makeup with this primer, there is a noticeable difference — it lasts throughout the entire day and my skin looks almost airbrushed. Many of the 2,000-plus five-star reviewers echo my sentiments. One middle-age shopper wrote that it makes any and all foundation "look so much better" and that it is the ideal canvas for "mature skin."

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