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Credit: tartecosmetics/instagram

Before beauty brands heard our cries, multi-masking called for some serious setting up shop. You needed all, say, three of your mask jars out in front of you so that you could map out exactly where each needed to be placed on your face. Not exactly the easiest of facial exercises, especially if you were traveling. But like every product genre, multi-masking is going through a little makeover. Now there are sheet masks cut in half, and jars specifically sectioned out to house several masks at once. Case in point: tarte’s new Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask ($40; sephora.com).

In tart’s first foray into masking, the brand has launched a jar that includes both a clay mask and a gel-based mask so you can easily address different areas of your face. The clay mask, the pastel purple formula, is meant to be applied on areas that you’d like to tighten your pores and soak up excess oils, while the gold gel mask is meant to brighten up and hydrate your skin. Basically, two solutions to common concerns in a convenient setting.

And of course, because it's 2017, each is more than Instagrammable—especially the reflective and metallic-like gold gel. We put it to the test, and yes, each formula is completely different.

Immediately after applying the purple clay, the formula hardened and we felt our skin in those areas tighten up. The gel mask glides onto your skin, and for the 10 minutes we left it on, we had a hard time not staring at how beautiful it was in the mirror. The gel has more of a hydrating consistency, is rather thick, and doesn't drip off your face.

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What did we find 10 minutes later? The pores on our nose looked like they slightly shrinked, and the area on the cheeks that the gel was applied felt super smooth.

We guess that's really multi-masking made easy.