Taraji P. Henson Wants Your Self-Care Routine to Go From Your Scalp Down to Your Toes

The actress walks us through her new Body by TPH body care line.

Taraji P. Henson Is Launching Body Care
Photo: Courtesy of Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson isn't one to gatekeep beauty secrets. Inspired by her own DIY scalp remedies, the award-winning actress launched her haircare brand, TPH by Taraji, in 2020 to provide efficacious, affordable products that emphasize the importance of scalp care, especially for those who wear protective styles like braids, wigs, and weaves.

Now Henson is aiming to turn your entire shower routine into a moment of self-care with Body by TPH, a collection of nourishing body care products with luxurious scents and textures that can be used solo or layered like you would in your facial skincare routine.

"People are a little traumatized from the pandemic and they're not socializing as much or going to spas as much because there's still the fear of COVID," Henson tells InStyle. "During shutdown, I was teaching people how to do their hair at home and now it's like, let's turn that Sunday chore into a ritual. While you have your hair mask on, you can indulge in a nice deep, relaxing bath with a relaxing candle. Or you can get your energy the next morning from the mandarine and ginger in the body cleansing line."

Henson is of course referring to the three collections within the Body by TPH line: The Cleanse + Condition Coalition, The Skin Stylers, and Restoration Situals.

The Cleanse + Condition Coalition is a set of products designed to energize the body and mind in the morning. This includes the Good Daze Energizing Gel Body Cleanser ($9), The Ish Condish Nourishing In-Shower Conditioner ($9), The Leave-On Hydrating Daily Body Lotion ($9), and the It's Lit In The AM candle ($12). The candle features notes of ginger extract, mandarin, magnolia, jasmine, bourbon, coconut wood, sandalwood, and musk, and serves as the scent for this collection.

The Skin Stylers collection features the Anything Glows Body Oil ($12), Watch Me Whip Hard Working Whipped Body Cream ($12), Softer Than a Mutha Decadent Skin Silkening Body Butter ($12), Baby Buff'd Body Scrub ($12), get their scents from the Anyplace, Anytime Candle ($12), which has notes of almond milk, Brazilian orange oil, lemon oil, Spanish citrus oil, blonde wood, light jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, heliotrope, and marshmallow musk. These products are essentials for any time of day.

And then there's the Restoration Rituals to help you wind down at night. This lineup includes The Wind Down Relaxing Creamy Body Cleanser ($9), Bubble Or Nothin Comforting Bath Elixir ($9), Double Z's Dual Action Bath Soak & Body Scrub ($12), and the It's Lit In The PM Stress Relieving Evening Candle ($12), the scent of this collection. It comes with notes of lemon oil, fresh turmeric, rosewater, geranium oil, ylang-ylang, palo santo, coconut cream, and patchouli.

Body By TPH Body Care Products

The packaging is minimal, chic, and Henson says the three neutral shades are inspired by different skin tones, which she hopes reiterates the fact that the line is for everybody. "It's clean and it reminds you of the spa," Henson says of the bottles and jars. "I came up with this neutral color palette because I was thinking of different colors of skin – if you have skin it's for you."

Like the TPH haircare products, the body care line is also extremely accessible, which is important to Henson. Everything is priced $12 and under and is available at exclusively at Walmart stores and walmart.com.

"Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be expensive," Henson says of the $12 and under price point. "Yes, the spa is there, but inflation is happening. People are having to cut back on things, but why should you have to cut back on self-care? It affects your mental health."

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As for which products you'll always find in Henson's own bathroom, which has become her sanctuary during the pandemic, she shares that she's particularly fond of Baby Buff'd.

"I'm huge on body scrubs and sometimes when you use a sugar scrub, it's too thick and it leaves your skin feeling like you have a layer of grease on it and your clothes will get messed up," Henson explains. "I love that this is an exfoliating scrub that polishes your skin and leaves you moisturized, but it allows you space to layer more products on top. But you can also stop with the scrub and throw on your clothes and keep it pushing. Now I can't wait to take my shower."

Same, Taraji, same.

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