Credit: Getty Images

Picture this: You've just spent a fun-filled day splashing around at the beach and made sure to lather on the ol' 30 SPF every hour, on the hour. You should be good to go with sunscreen habits like that, right? But as the hours pass, you realize that you missed a few spots, leaving you with unflattering and painful splotches of red on your arms, back, and legs. It's a common problem, and a tiny, Kickstarter-funded gadget could be the solution if the tech works.

The gadget is called Sunscreenr, and it's a waterproof device with a lens that you look that allows you to see areas that are covered with sunscreen and areas that aren't. The idea would be to reapply sunscreen where there's not enough coverage and look through the lens again to make sure you didn't miss any more spots. The device can be attached to your keychain, so it's easy to carry around.

Sunscreenr is still in fundraising mode and has raised nearly $125,000 of their $150,000 stretch goal. Products have yet to be shipped out, so we haven't personally tried it out ourselves or spoken to a dermatologist about its efficacy. Still, if it does work, it could be pretty game changing to your beach days. We're all about that SPF life.