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Sunday Riley Oil - Lead
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There's nothing more frustrating than having your skin flare up with blemishes. For me, it's like a quick shot at the knees for my self-esteem. I instantly feel less confident. I experienced this recently when my skin went haywire.

Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was exhaustion, or perhaps it was the result of testing too many products. I couldn't really tell you, but the rate that clogged pores started to appear on my face really started to take its toll. I legit freaked out.

By that I mean I went to town hammering my skin with intensive treatments and topicals over and over again, literally trying anything to make it stop. A word of advice, though? Maybe don't do this. Seriously, if you kick things up from 10 to 20 when your skin is already saying "stop," it's only going to make life worse.

The most interesting thing about this whole experience, though, was the solution was sitting in front of me literally the entire time I was in a tailspin. My miracle tonic? Sunday Riley's New Ultra-Clarifying Facial Oil ($80; sephora.com), or U.F.O.

I've been a fan of Sunday Riley's oils for years, but when I received U.F.O., I didn't immediately open it because I figured my topicals hadn't been working, so why would a clarifying oil? I was wrong.

So what makes this oil so special? This is a dry oil, so it's going to absorb and not leave your face like an oil slick. It also has 1.5 percent salicylic acid, which will clear buildup in your pores and blackhead congestion. Also on the major lineup of ingredients are tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil, which help to counteract any dryness you might experience with the salicylic.

All the while, milk thistle and cucumber seed oil will work to nourish your skin and reduce the appearance of lines, at the same time as chamomile and neroli do the heavy lifting to soothe stressed skin.

For me, all of those things were key. I wasn't experiencing cystic breakouts, or even really the classic pimple, but there were a lot of clogs and congestion. I think the most crucial thing was scaling back my routine to a double cleanse, an acid tone, and this oil. Nothing else.

Literally overnight, I had no new clogs. Even better, the spots all over my face had totally cleared within days.

If believing in U.F.O.'s means clear skin, call me a convert.