This Priming SPF Blurs Pores So Well, Shoppers Say They Skip Foundation — and It's Finally Back in Stock

It uses an ingredient that’s been dubbed “Botox in a bottle.”

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This Priming SPF Blurs Pores So Well, Shoppers Say They Skip Foundation — and It’s Finally Back in Stock
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Truth be told, the whole summer has felt like the dog days of summer with endless swamp humidity and heat hotter than hell. Besides being physically uncomfortable, it also poses the problem of getting sunburnt (especially since excess sweating can cause sunscreen to wear off sooner). My personal approach is to incorporate as many SPF-infused products as possible — serum, lip balm, skin tint, you name it. And if you're in the market for multitasking products to use in this weather, Saint Jane's Luxury Sun Ritual Priming Sunscreen is a great option.

If you haven't heard of Saint Jane before, it's a clean, beautifully packaged skincare and makeup brand, formulated with skin-soothing floral ingredients and CBD to create effective yet gentle products. This Pore Smoothing Sunscreen is formulated with zinc, desert rose, jasmine, and hibiscus, which give it a silky (not chalky) texture and a refreshingly calming scent.

Per its name, desert rose is a flower known for its ability to maintain health and hydration within the most inhospitable climates. In this formula, desert rose behaves similarly, penetrating deep into the skin to hydrate and keep it supple throughout the day.

Meanwhile, jasmine is partially responsible for the priming, pore-smoothing benefits of Luxury Sun Ritual. It improves texture by balancing the complexion and minimizing the look of pores with its blurring effect.

Lastly, it includes hibiscus, which has been dubbed "nature's botox" by skincare experts for its ability to boost collagen production, improve elasticity, and firm wrinkles.

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Sun Ritual Sunscreen

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If the fact that it previously sold out on both Saint Jane's website and Credo is any indication, shoppers are impressed with the results. Sunscreens have a notoriously bad reputation for being thick and chalky, but shoppers used the word "love" quite a few times in their glowing reviews. One person said the texture "is like nothing" else they've used and "absolutely" minimizes their pores. " Some days I don't even put makeup on and use this only," they added.

Another shopper wrote that because they live in the sunny state of Florida, they've tried "every [sunscreen] on [Credo's website] and then some," but that Saint Jane's is "hands down" their favorite. "It is so light and velvety that it doesn't add extra weight to my sensitive, oily skin… it reduces shine and evens skin tone."

Head to Credo, Saint Jane Beauty, and Sephora to try this priming SPF filled with "nature's botox" and other skin-loving goodness now that it's finally back in stock.

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