I'm Calling It: Summer Fridays ShadeDrops Is Going to Be My Go-To SPF This Summer

The silky serum even has my mom's seal of approval.

CLEAN SLATE: Summer Fridays Sunscreen
Photo: Summer Fridays/ InStyle

Sunscreen is the one skincare product I go through the quickest, which is why I have a handful in my medicine cabinet at all times. Typically I rotate between them depending on what's in the cards on any given day, whether I need a lightweight SPF that layers well under makeup or a formula that will hold up on a sweaty, late spring, hot-girl walk.

Summer Fridays' first sunscreen works in both scenarios, which is why I've found myself reaching for it every day since I received a bottle of it a few weeks ago. ShadeDrops is a mineral SPF 30 with soothing and nourishing skincare ingredients like camomile, squalane, and antioxidants. The milky, serum-like texture has a slight yellow tint that blends seamlessly into the skin and leaves a soft, natural glow that is in no way goop or greasy like many physical SPF formulas are.

The sunscreen works well under makeup as it doesn't leave any residue on my skin or cause my foundation and cream blush to oxidize mid-day. And when I wear it on a bare face, I don't sweat extra when I'm out in the NYC humidity.

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CLEAN SLATE: Summer Fridays Sunscreen
Summer Fridays/ InStyle

The real testament that ShadeDrops is a standout SPF is that my mom, who is in her 60s, has also given it her seal of approval. She wore it every day while visiting me in Manhattan over Memorial Day weekend, and said "it felt really nice."

So, you better believe I made sure she didn't sneak the bottle into her makeup bag before leaving.

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