These Pimple Patches (Almost) Make My Breakouts Fun

I can't help but smile wearing Starface's patches.

Starface Hydro Stars
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While it's true that when you're an adult, you can eat cereal for dinner and your bedtime is whatever time you want it to be, there are some things from your youth, like acne, that don't just magically go away. Believe me, I know firsthand.

I'm one of the 50 million people in America who deal with acne each year, and among the 15% of adult women who get regular breakouts.

Even though acne is the most common skin condition, and a number of people have grown to embrace their blemish-prone skin (thanks to the acne positivity movement), I would be lying if I said I didn't get bummed out every time a cluster of cystic zits shows up on my jawline.

My acne is typically hormonal in nature, but since face masks became part of the daily norm in 2020, I've also started getting whiteheads on the lower half of my face, too. And that's where Starface's Hydro-Stars pimple patches join the conversation.

Pimple patches are all pretty much the same: hydrocolloid dressings made with a special congealing liquid combined with adhesive. The patches help absorb the fluid in the pimple so it's not as inflamed. Some brands also infuse their patches with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid to help dry out the blemish.

Starface's star-shaped patches don't contain said acne treatments, but what sets them apart from other options are the fun shape and the brand's positive attitude.

I (almost) look forward to breakouts now, because it means I get a gold star (or three) for simply having clogged pores. However, the stars are also practical. I've mostly been getting whiteheads around my mouth, and I can taper the sticker around my lips to properly place it over the zit.

Best Pimple Patches: Starface Hydro Stars

To shop: $15;

Not only do Hydro-Stars flatten the hell out of all of my juicy whiteheads, they also prevent me from picking at them them. Because despite knowing better, I just can't quit the urge of popping my pimples — even though I end up with a dark spot every single time.

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On top of the fact that these pimple patches just work, I love that they come in a cute refillable plastic case, called Big Yellow. The patches' plastic sheets are recyclable, along with the packaging the refills come in.

In all honesty, it takes a lot to make me smile when I'm dealing with a breakout, but these stars have managed to get the job done.

Good to Go used to be the column where we'd share the beauty products we can't travel without. But while travel's off the table, we'll be focusing on products that make us feel good in quarantine. This month, why I'm obsessed with Starface's Hydro-Stars.

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