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Sloane Stephens
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Tennis Champ Sloan Stephens stopped by the :Blackprint Health and Fitness Expo, in partnership with SHAPE magazine to talk about, among other things, her winning skincare routine.

We know that any kind of consistent physical activity can wreak havoc on the skin. But for professional athletes who sweat for a living, skincare may seem daunting.

Yet, as I virtually sat across from Sloan, I couldn't help but marvel at her natural, makeup-free glow — fresh off of a stint at the Australian Open, no less. So, of course I just had to ask:

"Your skin looks amazing. What does your skincare routine consist of?"

As usual, Sloan didn't disappoint.

"Well, I have all of these products. I'm like a product junkie, but I don't use that many," she shared. "I just like buying stuff, that's a bad habit."

But since Sloan is always on the road for matches, she has to shuffle her routine around based on climate.

"My go-to, now that I'm in Florida, is this Rodial Vitamin C Cleanser," she says. "It has like a little tingle that [feels] really good on your face. I use the Kate Somerville exfoliant [ExfoliKate] because I feel like when I'm in the sun a lot, my face gets a little raw. I put so much sunscreen on that it should be a crime. And the sunscreen that I use is either Neutrogena or Barbara Sturm. Of course, Barbara Sturm breaks your bank, but [it's] really a great product."

sloane stephens skincare
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sloane stephens skincare
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sloane stephens skincare
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At night, she turns up the notch on her routine, seeing as she has so many products layered on.

"I'm in the sun probably like three times a day and it's a lot," she shares. "So when I come home from practice the first time, I'm washing my face again, then I'm reapplying sunscreen, then I'm washing my face again, then I'm... it's too much. I just kind of alternate so it doesn't get too heavy on my skin.

She starts off by double cleansing with the Rodial wash, followed by ExfoliKate. Then she reaches for a serum.

"My favorite out of the shower serum is the Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil. I also love the Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. It's like a really light moisturizer."

sloane stephens skincare
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sloane stephens skincare
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Sloane rounds out her bevy of skincare products with a celeb-fave: The La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum.

la mer
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"Those are all the products I travel with now because they work best for me in the heat when my face is like baking and not feeling great," she says.

However, she does admit that while she uses her precious La Mer Serum sparingly, there are other products she keeps in her regular rotation — regardless of what city she's in.

"The Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow is more kind of like an everyday [thing]," she says. "It makes your face feel nice."

You deserve, queen.