This Tinted Sunscreen Is So Lightweight, I Forget I'm Wearing It

It’s worth the splurge.

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No matter how many times you're told to wear sunscreen every day, the simple skincare step can feel like an arduous task. Maybe it's the smell that instantly transports you to the public pool days of your youth, the irritating white cast that distorts your skin tone, or the heavy texture that refuses to blend into your skin that makes it an easy step to skip.

As a writer, I often interview dermatologists about this very topic, but I still find it difficult to actually smear a layer of SPF on my face first thing in the morning, especially now that I spend most of my time indoors. However, I recently found a sunscreen that I actually look forward to putting on in the morning, whether I'm headed out on a run or getting ready for a video meeting. It's the Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen from Skinceuticals, a brand known for its best-selling vitamin C serum and editor-approved skincare products.

The tinted sunscreen offers SPF 50 for broad spectrum protection against long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and long wave ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Key ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide protect against UV rays by reflecting sunlight, while artemia salina, a plankton extract, helps the skin's natural defense against UV rays and heat-related stress. Finally, translucent color spheres enhance natural skin tones and boost radiance.

After applying a layer of this odorless sunscreen, you're not only protected from sun damage, but you're also prepped for your daily beauty look. I've rarely put on foundation since I started quarantining in March, but this tinted sunscreen makes my skin feel even and glowing. I often pair it with a quick swipe of mascara and call it a day, but you could easily apply a layer of your usual foundation on top of it. Just be sure to wait the recommended 15 minutes before applying makeup over the sunscreen so it can properly set in.


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My skin drinks up the sunscreen quickly, so much so that I can wear it on a sweaty run and not worry about any greasy residue running into my eyes. When you squeeze it out of the bottle it feels lightweight and fluid, rather than thick and gloopy, and it has a beige hue that's similar to my olive skin tone. Although many shoppers confirm that the sunscreen blends in without creating a white cast, others wish it came in different tints for fair and dark skin tones.

Many of those who do find it works well with their skin type have left glowing reviews of the skincare essential. Even people with sensitive skin wrote that they finally found the one.

"I have tried nearly all high end and most drugstore mineral sunscreens, and so far this beats them all," one Skinceuticals shopper wrote. Another said, "I will never buy any other kind of sunscreen again."

At $34 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, it's definitely more expensive than your typical drugstore sunscreen, but it's worth the splurge if it will help you actually protect your skin on a regular basis, like it has for me.

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