Finally, a product that lives up to the hype.

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The skinceuticals blemish aging defense serum changed my life
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Genetics bless different people with different things. Some are gifted with natural athleticism. Others, beautiful locks of curls. As for me, I’m granted acne-prone skin that breaks out at the thought of french fries. Thanks, dad! (I also have his cute button nose, but I digress.)

Given that my skin has struggled basically from the time of puberty and into my twenties, I’ve spent a lot of time and too much money testing out any and every product I could get my hands on. Drugstore staples? Check. Dermatologist-recommended treatments? Check. “Miracle” toners? Check. Check. Check. I’m very much over trying things out that don’t work, so I’m not saying this lightly: I’ve found one acne-fighting, anti-aging serum that I can actually depend on. And boy, it’s about time.

The oil-free blemish and age-defense serum works to combat acne and wrinkles all at once, and I’ve noticed a major difference in the way my skin looks and feels since day one of using it. I used to wake up expecting a new bump every morning, especially when implementing new steps to my skincare routine. But with this SkinCeuticals serum, there were no morning-after zits to fret about. In fact, I noticed a major reduction in blackheads almost immediately.

According to SkinCeuticals, this serum is so effective because of ingredients like salicylic acid (acne’s worst enemy) and LHA (a pore-fighting cousin to salicylic acid) that work together to reduce excess oil production. Serums that tout their ability to combat oil usually leave me feeling like a dried-up prune, but my skin maintains moisture and bounce using this lightweight product — I started using it once at night, then worked up to using it twice daily. It’s helped with scarring on my face too because there’s no longer oodles of real estate to pop or squeeze.

I know taking one person’s word for skincare is like trusting your brother with fashion advice, so here are a few comments from other verified shoppers (by the way, this serum has a five-star rating online at Dermstore and a 4.7-star rating at Skinceuticals): “This is life changing,” wrote one college student who struggles with hormonal acne. “Completely cleared my skin in less than a week,” wrote another reviewer.

It’s not lost on me that this serum is pricier than others, but with this you really get what you pay for. My stubborn hormonal waves of cystic acne have subsided, and the texture of my skin improved in just a few weeks thanks to this powerful product. And I finally feel like something is working with my skin, rather than fighting against it.

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