By Wendy Rose GOuld
Updated Apr 29, 2016 @ 9:53 am
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It's no secret that people spend big bucks on their skin-care regimens, but the skin-care statistics breakdown for how consumers spend their dollars to fix various skin issues isn't quite so obvious. And while it's clear that people are willing to spend money in exchange for promised improvement, how much they're actually spending isn't so clear either.

DermStore, a leading skin care e-commerce website, recently released data from their Semi-Annual Consumer Insight Snapshot, providing more insight into those very questions. According to the data, the top five skin concerns in the United States, in order, are aging, uneven skin tone, sensitive skin, dark circles, and sun damage.

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It makes sense, then, that the report found that the products people are reaching for most are face moisturizers, facial cleansers, serums, eye creams, toners and mists, foundation, and acne treatments. Interestingly, though, the data found that people are 77 percent confident in their purchase decisions, while 22 percent expressed a lack of confidence in this area. The consumer data also found that income alone isn't the only indicator for how much people will spend on products. In other words, people are willing to spend money on skin-care products to address their concerns.

Cities that are willing to spend the most money on skin care include New York City, Denver, Scottsdale, Dallas, and San Francisco. State-wise, the biggest spenders are California, New York, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Interesting, right?