By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated May 18, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Skin Inc / Instaram

Unless you’re handy with a pair of scissors and a sheet mask, multi-masking has always been better for the creamy, gel, or mud-based formulas packaged in a jar or a tub. But Skin Inc.’s latest innovation is about to change all that.

The brand’s new Multi-Masking Metallic Sheet Series, Facial in a Flash, features three different types of hydrogel sheet masks that are designed to mix and match. They look like regular full-face sheet masks that have been cut in half. That way, you can target the top and bottom of your face for different issues and with different formulas at the same time.


Soothe-n-Purify is a gold mask designed to calm and detox your skin thanks to the help of charcoal. Lines Be-Gone, as you can imagine, has anti-aging and lifting benefits, is made with vitamin A and real gold, and is Rose Gold in color. Get Glowin, a Platinum mask, brightens and boosts your skin’s radiance and is made with the brand’s vitamin B3 serum and floral extracts. All together, the mask halves can make up to nine different combinations.

Want to focus on minimizing the appearance of your frown lines on your forehead while purifiying the hormonal chin area? You can do that. Want to give the skin on your forehead and cheeks some glow while firming up the chin area? Check!


And because the masks are made of hydrogel, they stay in place better on your skin, which is one of the biggest frustrations of wearing a sheet mask.

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You can pick up the new Series, which includes three full masks (or six halves) at for $33.