These Exfoliating Pads Treat Every Type of Acne — and the Packaging Is Sustainable

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Anyone who has ever dealt with acne knows that finding solutions isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Depending on the type of blemishes you have, you may need to follow a specific treatment plan prescribed by a dermatologist.

As for my own skincare journey, I've definitely had my bouts with acne — both on my face and body. I'll be honest and share that I've never dealt with severe acne, but these never-ending heat waves in New York have my body doing things its never done before. And I've noticed an increase in breakouts on my body, particularly my back.

Since I'm already pretty diligent when it comes thoroughly washing my back in the shower, I figured I should implement some other products into my nighttime routine aside from my regular body lotion. That's why I reached for a jar of SkinFix's Resurface+ AHA/BHA Enzyme Exfoliating Pads.

While it's not the easiest thing to reach behind myself and wipe off my back a few nights a week, it's been well worth the effort. Formulated for both the face and body, I've already noticed a major decrease in breakouts since I started using these pads. Some hyperpigmentation is still present, but it's slowly beginning to fade away (it's only been about two-ish weeks, mind you).


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The pads are soaked in a salicylic acid, AHA acid, and niacinamide-rich formula, so the high efficacy doesn't necessarily come as a shock. But when I was chatting with SkinFix founder Amy Gordinier a few months ago before the product had officially launched, she mentioned to me that they work on all types of acne, and the formula is also clean and fully sustainable. Of course, as many of us have seen and heard in the past, all of that can be spun to mean anything — but SkinFix is the real deal.

That said, I wanted to chat with Gordiner again to get into the nitty gritty of her latest product launch and find out what being clean and sustainable means to her. Find out more below.

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These pads are said to work across all types of acne. How exactly do they do this and why don't other exfoliating pads do the same?

The new Resurface+ AHA/BHA Niacinamide Exfoliating Pads target acne with an active level of FDA monographed 2% salicylic acid: BHA. The combination of 2% BHA to unclog pores, 10% AHA to resurface and help minimize surface cell build-up, and 2% niacinamide to help control sebum production is a powerful acne fighting trio. Additionally, the exfoliating pads are free from a long list of ingredients that are known to be triggers of malassezia folliculitis, aka fungal acne. Many skincare products, including some acne prescriptions, that are formulated to treat acne may actually contain ingredients that can exacerbate fungal acne. This can be the reason why acne is stubborn and difficult to treat. The pads are formulated specifically to avoid ingredients that are known triggers of fungal acne.

There are no hard regulations around what it means to be "sustainable," so it's kind of up to brands to define it for themselves. What does it mean for you?

Our definition involves reducing our overall impact on our environment. We contemplate the environmental impact of everything, from our packaging to our ingredient list, and make more responsible choices. All of our cartons are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed fiber, which means no new trees are milled. All of the cardboard is made from existing paper using vegetable-based ink and is naturally biodegradable. We have been working for years to transition the plastics used for our packaging to those sourced from reclaimed and recycled material and to constantly weigh the impact of other material choices in order to choose the most sustainable option available to us. We are increasingly encouraged by the on-going efforts being made by vendors to offer more sustainable options, including re-fillable components — and we are always pushing for improvements.

What materials are used to create the actual pads? What makes them sustainable in your opinion?

The pads are made from 100% plant cellulose fibers. They biodegrade after 21 days in sewage treatment plants or after soil burial.

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