Hyram Yarbro Finally Launched His Own Skincare Line

TikTok has been demanding it in his comments.

Hyram Launches Skincare
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Good luck finding a skincare product in stock after Hyram Yarbro, also known as Skincare By Hyram, recommends it to his 4.59 million YouTube subscribers or 6.8 million TikTok followers. Gen Z keeps clearing drugstore shelves of CeraVe's Hydrating Cleanser and stocking up on The Ordinary's 10% Niacinamide + Zinc serum, after seeing it in his videos.

When Yarbro isn't getting DMs about his favorite sold-out products or getting tagged in celebrity skincare routine videos his fans want him to react to, he's getting messages from followers about their struggles finding products with active ingredients that aren't too harsh or stripping. His comments are also flooded with demands for a skincare line, and finally, Yarbro is giving TikTokers what they want.

The inspiration behind the formulas in Yarbro's new skincare brand, Selfless By Hyram, was his community's struggles finding affordable and effective, yet gentle formulas for their skin concerns. The line which be available exclusively at Sephora stores and sephora.com features several products that are reasonably priced between $20-$30.

"The gentle active philosophy came first," Yarbro says of the formulation process. "Ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide are not new at all, but I wanted to put out products with these ingredients at lower, more mindful concentrations that are tolerable for consistent daily care, with a focus on skin health and seeing results over time. We're so used to this instantaneous instant results where you want your face to look totally different after one use."

Gentle active ingredients aside, it was important to Yarbro to create a brand that also drive social change. So he teamed up with The Inkey List to launch Selfless because the brand's founders, Colette Laxton and Mark Curry, were on the same wavelength as his vision.

"We have the same skincare philosophy, which is why The Inkey List has always been one of my favorite brands," says Yabro. "I had built this idea for Sefless on my own, and they had pitched me the idea of creating a brand that focused on social change and making the world a better place, and to me, that was a sign that these are the perfect people for me to partner with."

A percentage of the purchase of each product will go to the Rainforest Trust, an organization that protects endangered species and prevents deforestation, and the Thirst Project, which provides clean drinking water underserved communities to help end the water crisis.

For Yarbro, it was also non-negotiable that every step of the manufacturing process of Selfless' products, from material sourcing to packaging be as transparent and sustainable as possible, which he says he was surprised to learn vendors tell them they've never been asked his list of guidelines before. In terms of ingredients, he says sourcing doesn't hurt the environment or it helps it regrow itself.

Ahead, all the details on Selfless By Hyram's first five skincare products. (You won't find any fragrance, essential oils, physical exfoliants, and high percentages of active ingredients in these formulas.)

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Centella & Green Tea Hydrating Gel Cleanser

Selfless By Hyram Skincare Products

Considering Yarbro is one of glycerin's biggest fans, of course it's one of the star ingredients in Selfless' hydrating cleanser. The gentle gel also contains soothing antioxidants centella and green tea to calm redness and irritation. This product benefits the Rainforest Trust, which protects rainforests from deforestation.

To shop: $20; sephora.com

Mandelic Acid & Rice Bran Gentle Exfoliating Serum

Selfless By Hyram Skincare Products

This serum's blend of AHA, PHA, and BHA acids work harmoniously to mildly exfoliate the skin to help keep pores clear and improve overall texture. Purchases of this product provide clean drinking water to communities in Eswatini, Africa through the brand's partnership with the Thirst Project.

To shop: $24; sephora.com

Selfless By Hyram Retinol & Rainbow Algae

Selfless By Hyram Skincare Products

Yabro says Selfless' retinol serum makes for a great starter retinol because it also offers hydration to help reduce vitamin A-related side effects like dryness and flaking. The formula is designed to treat post-acne makes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, another one of retinol's benefits in addition to treating signs of aging. Rainbow algae also helps brighten and reduce uneven skin tone. This product also benefits the Rainforest Trust's deforestation prevention efforts.

To shop: $30; sephora.com

Salicylic Acid & Sea Kelp Pore Clearing & Oil Control Serum

Selfless By Hyram Skincare Products

Yabro says one of the biggest complaints he's heard from his followers with acne-prone skin is that salicylic acid is drying. That's why Selfless' launch includes this salicylic acid and sea kelp-powered pore-clearing serum. Along with niacinamide, the ingredients unclogs pores, kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces oiliness, and protects the skin barrier to prevent dehydration and irritation. This serum benefits Selfless' partnership with the Rainforest Trust.

To shop: $24; sephora.com

Niacinamide & Maracuja Daily Barrier Support Moisturizer

Selfless By Hyram Skincare Products

Nicinamide, another one of Yabro's favorites, is the star of Selfless' barrier-reinforcing moisturizer. In addition to hydration, the lightweight gel-cream helps reduce oiliness, improve the look of damage, and soothes skin. This purchase helps fund the Thirst Project.

To shop: $26; sephora.com

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