There's a reason why like, half of Hollywood swears by it. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jul 15, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
Credit: Getty

On the list of things you're probably sick of hearing is just how obsessed I am with having glowing skin. Seriously, I write about it more than anything else. But I'm assuming that everyone feels the same way, so I'm not at all sorry about it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to head up to see Dr. Scott Wells at the Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Center to try the Wells Signature Peel—a peel so amazing that A-listers galore get it the day-of major events (think the Met Gala).

Honest to goodness, the thought of getting a peel the day of a major event is terrifying to me. I doubt there is a single millennial woman who didn't learn from Samantha Jones's peel mishap the day of Carrie's book launch in Sex and the City.

My rule of thumb has been to leave the facials and intense facial treatments to a few days before a major life moment in case of a total fiasco. I like the be prepared for the worst, but I'm sure when it comes to matters of your face, you'd feel the same way. But here's the thing about the Wells Signature Peel—it's legitimately a peel made of moisturizers. So while it is incredibly gentle, it's also incredibly effective.

First, they cleansed my face and then applied an exfoliating gel made up of lactic acid, alpha-hydroxy-acid, and urea, which works to remove the layer of dead skin on your face while also maintaining hydration. Next, they applied a clear plastic occlusive, and while it was a weird experience (think having a plastic wrap face mask applied to your face in the friendliest way possible), but ultimately pleasant. Then, you sit there for ten minutes, which honestly is heavenly. I dozed off!

Once the ten minutes are up, the facial technician moves on to the polishing cream. This exfoliator contains what they call eco-friendly silicon micro-beads, and it is massaged on your face by hand to dislodge and exfoliate dull, dry skin. And that massage? Well, it's more than pleasant... It's delightful.

But the coolest part about this polishing cream is that it is designed to bring your skin back to its natural and most ideal pH—5.5—so your skin is restored to its perfectly balanced state. And as a result, it glows like you wouldn't even believe. I left the office feeling like I looked the best I have in months, and I wasn't wearing a stitch of makeup.

My skin hasn't looked this good since I was maybe 18. A lot of this has to do with the late hours and the life I lead, but knowing that this facial has my back when maybe genetics and lifestyle don't? Well, that's certainly a comfort. And as a testament to how amazing I felt my skin looked, I haven't worn foundation or concealer once since I got the treatment. Now THAT is saying something.