Sand & Sky Clay Mask
Credit: sandandskyaus/Instagram

The Internet freaks out over fidget spinners, any time Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a bromance moment, and apparently, pink clay masks. In the first eight weeks of its debut, Australian beauty brand Sand & Sky sold over 50,000 units of their hero and only product, Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin ($49; Now, they’ve sold 10,000 more and at one point, garnered a list of 2,000 people waiting to get their hands on a jar.

It’s no secret that the masking category has dominated social media and even your friend’s spare time, but what’s the hype all about with this one? You know, besides the fact that it’s millennial pink?

It’s made with many good-for-your-face ingredients, but the one that takes the claim to fame is the Australian Pink Clay. The brand explains its responsible for detoxing the skin, drawing out impurities and toxins that are sitting in your pores, thus making them look smaller.

On top of the clay, the mask is made with ingredients like aloe vera to soothe, kakadu plum, kelp, and organic mangosteen to brighten the skin, among other native ingredients to Australia.

In fact, the founders of Sand & Sky, Emily and Sarah Hamilton, said it was their goal with the brand to showcase the powerful ingredients that come from Australia.

"We wanted to show the world that Australia has more to offer despite the amazing allure of Crocodile Dundee and that our skincare can be serious and deliver all of the benefits of the big international brands," said Sarah Hamilton. "Australian ingredients are so powerful in makeup and skincare so we wanted to highlight these."

With 37,000 followers on Instagram and their sell-out statistics, it's safe to say they're making an impact.

The duo also happen to be behind Asia Pacific’s market leading beauty subscription box, Bellabox. In their research with Bellabox, they noticed a void in the market for this type of product. "We saw that so many Australian members wanted products produced internationally," notes Emily Hamilton. "However, our collective experience in living in New York, London, Berlin, and Basel told us that the international audience wanted natural products produced in pristine environments specifically Australia. From that we created Sand &Sky Brilliant Skin."

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The mask is meant to be applied with an application mask and left on the skin for 10 minutes. Then, users are directed to rinse it off with warm water to view noticeably pampered skin.

It's currently only being sold on the brand's website, but there is plans to expand the line to more than just a pink mask. "We are keen to challenge the perception of unique ingredients in skincare," notes Sarah Hamilton. "We’ve asked our customers what new products they would like to see with Sand & Sky and had over 2,000 responses in 24 hours. We move quickly and our formulation team knows the results our customers want to see. The process has begun and we hope to be able to go to market quickly."