I Slather My Skin With This Calming Serum for a Serious Pick-Me-Up

It's infused with 500mg of CBD per bottle.

Saint James CBD Serum
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It's no secret that when I'm stressed my skin isn't far behind — and I get stressed often. My face will go from crystal-clear to housing a world of problems within the span of a night. Between pollution, lack of sleep, and stress, my ultra-sensitive skin shows the effects of it all. In the past when I experienced a flare up, I was at a loss of how to solve it — I'd keep calm and continue on with my regular skincare. But if you struggle with unpredictable skin like myself, the hunt for compatible products is ever ongoing. Luckily, I happened upon a powerful antidote that has earned a rightful place in my rotation. Soothing my skin from inflammation, dry patches, and blemishes like no other, the Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum has quickly become my go-to calming serum.

The multi-correctional facial oil is like my own personal potion for solving disruptive skin problems. Formulated with 500mg of cannabidiol (aka CBD), it has intense anti-inflammatory properties that penetrate the skin immediately to ease redness, clear blemishes, and heal the skin back to its glowing state. Alongside the full-spectrum CBD, the blend has highly active botanicals — sea buckthorn, rosehip, and calendula — that speed up cell turnover to reveal a more even complexion. With the added benefits of omegas and antioxidants from organic grapeseed oil, skin is left feeling tighter and far more hydrated. The natural ingredient list goes on, packed with every healing oil imaginable all blended into one mighty serum that works across all skin types. Whatever your issue — dullness, uneven texture, large pores, or fine lines — the CBD serum will target it.

While the $125 price tag is steeper than other facial oils on the market, Credo Beauty reviewers also strongly believe in the powers this serum holds. "Oooh baby I'd put up with a lot more to get these results. It's so soothing and brightening and hydrating and literally every other good skincare term you could want. I have dry skin but I can never use too much of this," writes one shopper.

"Everything about this product is beautiful — the incredible packaging and the product — all very elegant and luxurious. The serum is a dry oil and a little goes a long way. There is a subtle scent but dissipates quickly. It works well with my rosacea-prone skin and after just a few weeks my skin is smoother and brighter," says another.

Since the serum-oil hybrid is quite a thick substance, I only need a few drops before bed to cover my entire face, reserving the luxurious serum as a rescue for when my skin is really bad. It makes a world of difference the next morning.

You can get the Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum at Credo Beauty for $125.

Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

Shop now: $125; credobeauty.com

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