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If "Beauty Treatments Not for the Faint of Heart" were a Jeopardy category, we have no doubts that microneedling would be one of the answers.

Microneedling is exactly what it sounds like: Fine needles are used to puncture your skin. The concept of willingly piercing your face with tiny holes probably sounds something only an unstable person would do for the sake of skincare, but the wounds stimulate collagen production and kick-start the skin's natural healing process. This is what makes microneedling so effective at treating a number of common skin struggles such as acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and it can even help your skincare products penetrate faster than they would on their own. Aside from mild discomfort and a pit of post-procedure redness, there's no downtime, which is a major reason why the treatment is becoming more and more popular.

The results of the in-office treatment can be pretty impressive, but also has an equally massive price tag. That's where at-home devices like GloPro's Microstimulation Facial Tool comes in. While the main difference between in-office and at-home microneedling is that a dermatologist will perform the procedure with an electric or battery-operated needle that pierces the skin more deeply, manual devices like the GloPro can still improve the appearance of dark spots and uneven texture with regular use. Plus, GloPro's has the added benefit of LED light therapy, which helps calm inflammation and increase firmness.

If you've yet to try the skincare treatment that everyone is talking about, GloPro has the reason to finally give microneedling a shot that both millennials and rosé lovers alike won't be to resist: The best-selling facial tool now comes in rose gold.

Already saw the limited-edition colorway when it dropped on HSN last month, but you were too slow at grabbing one of 10, 000 tools before they sold out? Stop stressing out because you're in luck. Nordstrom has the remaining 2,000 rose gold GloPro Microstimulation Facial Tools ($249; nordstrom.com), and they're available right now.

While any time of year is the right one to give your skin some extra TLC, the holiday season is almost upon us and it's the perfect excuse to help out your sister who won't stop complaining about her acne scars, or simply treat yourself. Not to mention, when left out on display, the rose gold tool turns your vanity into #bathroomgoals.

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Since the rose gold edition of the facial tool sold out in a matter of minutes, we don't suggest sleeping on pulling out your credit card. Consider it one of the few times you'll actually be able to get the one that got away.