By Erin Lukas
Updated Jul 24, 2016 @ 12:45 pm
Cleansing Bar - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Along with glitter eyeliner and blindingly reflective M.A.C lip glosses, a cleansing bar was also a part of my first set of beauty products in the early aughts. While I eventually graduated to liquid liner, I also upgraded my cleanser too, tossing my bar for creams and serums. As an adult, I've categorized cleansing bars along with Juicy Couture tracksuits and low-rise jeans in the outdated bucket, but when I came across Root Science Cleanse Facial Cleanser ($20; I had to give it a try for old times sake.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bar was quite the skin wonder. If you’re looking for a wash that removes all traces of makeup, dirt, and oil, doesn’t strip skin of natural oils, and is packed with all-natural ingredients, this bar checks off all of those boxes. The wax-colored cleanser might look basic, but it’s infused with a plethora of skin soothers including coconut, olive, and palm oils, and shea butter. Bonus: it's also organic and scent-free, so any skin type is guaranteed to soak it up.

The formula doesn’t lather too little or too much, but distributes just the right amount of foamy goodness on damp skin. Once I rinsed the product away my skin felt clean and velvety smooth, without any soapy residue like my cleansing bars of the past. Confession: My skin felt so soft—I skipped out on moisturizer.