This $16 Drugstore Serum Makes People "Look Like They Had Botox"

“I’ve been using this once a day for 15 years… I don’t even wear makeup,” said a reviewer.

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People in Their 50s Swear By This $16 Anti-Aging Serum That Makes Them “Look Like They Had Botox
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"Would you ever get Botox?" one of my friends asked me during an outdoor dinner. "Maybe," I said after a pause. Never say never, as the classic Justin Bieber song goes, but truth be told I'll probably avoid Botox at all costs. Not that I hold a grudge against the procedure: I just dread having to deal with needles or anything invasive unless it's as necessary as a vaccine — especially if they're coming near my face (that's why at 24, I'm still putting off getting my ears pierced). If I can use creams, serums, masks, and drink all the water in the world to get close to the glow that my 60-year-old Botoxed auntie has, I'd much prefer that route, thank you very much.

Of course, it can be difficult to mimic the effects from a cosmetic injection procedure like Botox, but if there's a product that shoppers on the Internet use to do so, it's RoC's Correxion Retinol Deep Wrinkle Facial Serum. Part of RoC's skincare collection that frequently pops up on "best-of" lists for anti-aging or retinol products, the serum made people "look like they had Botox," said reviewers, and has more than 4,200 five-star ratings on Amazon. It definitely costs less than a trip to a clinic, too: The serum is typically $24, and even currently on sale for just $16.

deep wrinkle serum

Shop now: $16 (Originally $24),

To use the RoC serum, the brand recommends applying as much as twice a day, morning and night, to your face and neck (and never forget your decolletage). Like most acids and retinol treatments, it's important to patch test first to see how your skin reacts to it — especially if you're prone to sensitivity — and gradually increase your frequency from every other night to every night once your skin is comfortable with the serum, per its instructions.

The results are nothing short of "amazing," according to a 50-year-old reviewer who positively glowed in her photo. "The OG Retinol Roc works," said the shopper. "I've been using this once a day for 15 years… I don't even wear makeup."

Another concurred, saying RoC's Correxion serum is the only wrinkle lotion you'll ever need. "I honestly love everything about this product," said the 53-year-old reviewer. "It moisturizes very well, not too heavy, and absorbs quickly with just a faint, nice, clean scent… My skin looked and felt tighter, skin tone was brighter, and wrinkles — not just fine lines, the heavier lines, around mouth and eyes — were less noticeable… This one product is better than all the serums, lotions, and wrinkle creams that I've previously tried."

The most important step, though? Always wear sunscreen if you're using this RoC serum since retinol can cause sun sensitivity. Actually, just wear sunscreen regardless — shop RoC's Correxion Retinol Deep Wrinkle Facial Serum at Amazon while it's on sale, and pick up the eight best editor-approved sunscreens here.

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