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Demi Lovato - Lead
Credit: Tyler Boye/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Getting to know a celebrity’s skincare routine is shockingly easy nowadays. Want to know what zit cream Kylie Jenner swears by? Sign on Snapchat. Need to find a supermodel-approved face mask? Instagram is your go-to. Basically, checking your social media apps is like peering into their medicine cabinets. And Demi Lovato, always an inspirational figure no matter what she’s doing, allows us to do this quite frequently.

A founder of her own skincare line, Devonne by Demi, the singer is consistently taking to the good ole World Wide Web to share pics of her latest innovations, zit-busting face creams, and no-makeup moments. More recently, Lovato signed on to Snapchat to document her face peel process, as one does, and the images caught my attention immediately.

I’ve seen plenty of beauty product selfies, complete with dog filters, magical halos, and more, but this one stood out because of the rich red hue of the formula and because she called out the name of the product she was using—the Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel. Of course, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was responsible for her glowy skin. Trying it out was a no-brainer, not only because testing product is part of my job, but because my skin has been in what I like to call “permanent PMS-mode” for a month. It’s been dry… and then oily… and then dry… and then both. It’s been downright weird.

Renee Rouleau, the celebrity esthetician who created the peel, says it was formulated to exfoliate and refine the appearance of your pores using five different skin-smoothing AHA and BHA acids. "As an esthetician who regularly performs chemical peels, while my clients love the smoothing, skin-brightening, pore clearing result benefits, they can’t get them all the time due to the dryness and peeling associated with the professional ones," she says. "By using this product weekly, it will essentially give many of the same benefits without the downtime."

As the name suggests, it's made with a series of berries, including strawberry fruit, which acts as a brightening antioxidant, blueberry extract to reduce inflammation, and raspberry seed oil for antioxidant benefits as well. You also get the power of bromelain, which is an enyzyme with skin-smoothing benefits found in pineapples, and pomegranate extract for brightening. There's also some salicylic acid in there for acne-fighting power.

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Credit: Demi Lovato/Snapchat

"It is well known that both AHA’s and BHA’s are incredibly effective for getting into the pore and clearing out congestion, as well as smoothing surface bumps and fading discoloration left behind by inflammation from blemishes," Rouleau explains.

When I opened up the packaging, I was shocked at how much it smelled like straight up raspberry jam. Like if I didn't know it was a beauty product, I would have probably been tempted to spread it on a piece of toast. It has a chunky consistency, and you can see pieces of the berries within the gel-like formula, but it's easy to spread over your face.

Demi Lovato - EMBED 2
Credit: Demi Lovato/Snapchat

You're meant to leave it on clean skin for 5-10 minutes about once a week. During that time I could feel a slight, subtle tingle. It wasn't uncomfortable, but you could feel it working. As a disclaimer, I have somewhat sensitive skin.

After ten minutes, I washed it off and noticed the texture of my skin was way smoother than it was before and my dead skin had disappeared. I'm still dealing with some rosacea, but certain parts of my skin seemed brighter and glowier.

I hope this month-long tour of skin manic ends soon, but even if it doesn't, at least I have yet another save-the-day product by my side.