Shoppers Say They "Easily Look Five Years Younger" After Using This Fermented Serum

People in their 60s use it to prevent skin from looking “dull and older.” 

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Anti-Aging Serum
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If you've heard of Korean beauty brand Neogen, it's likely in reference to its bristle-less mascara, ever-popular peeling pads, or pore-sucking mousse. The first blew up on TikTok in a video with over 47 million views and praise for how long it makes lashes. The double-sided, exfoliating pads and the pore-sucking mousse both have thousands of five-star reviews and a massive fan base. With all the hubbub surrounding those products, you'd be forgiven if you missed Dermalogy by Neogen's Real Ferment Micro Essence.

Even as a seasoned beauty writer, I sometimes find myself confused by an essence; What is it, and where it goes in your skincare routine? In a nutshell, an essence is a water-based hydrating product that is usually packed with active ingredients. It provides extra moisture and prepares your skin to better absorb the products that follow. It's applied after washing your face and using toner, but should be sprayed before adding serums and moisturizers.

Two fermented ingredients, Bifida ferment lysate, and saccharomyces ferment filtrate, are the stars of Neogen's Essence. Per the brand, these ingredients support skin barrier health, increase elasticity, brighten skin, boost hydration, and encourage cell turnover. And, over 1,000 five-star ratings say this works.

DERMALOGY by NEOGENLAB 93% Natural Fermented Facial Essence

Shop now: $38;

If this seems like a superfluous step to add to your regimen, the reviews will tell you otherwise. One 69-year-old shopper wrote, "I didn't think this essence did much, but then I stopped using it. My skin looked dull and older… It helps my skin get the glow back."

Another five-star reviewer highlighted the Fermented Essence's anti-aging benefits. "I'm starting to get lines around my eyes and notice my face is not as tight as it once was. After using this product, I easily look five years younger."

But the benefits go further than that. According to another shopper, "[Neogen Real Ferment Essence] makes all the difference for my skin, I've seen more elasticity and hydration, as well as overall improvement of my dry, flaky skin texture."

Dermalogy by Neogen's Real Ferment Micro Essence is a hit with shoppers of all ages dealing with varying skincare goals and issues. Head to Amazon to test out this $38 magic water for yourself.

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