Women in Their 40s Say This $15 'Facelift in a Bottle' Gives Nearly Instant Anti-Aging Results

Even stubborn stretch marks and dark spots evacuate.

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Women In Their 40s Say This $15 Face Oil 'Nearly Instantly' Softens Fine Lines and Fades Dark Spots
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I'm not usually one to believe in mysterious messages from above, but certain things are too blatant to ignore. When I pitched my editors a story on Radha Beauty's organic rosehip oil last week, I didn't expect a higher power to step in — yet over the weekend, I was strolling around when I looked down and there, etched into New York City's cement sidewalk, was a word: "RADHA."

Coincidence? Maybe. I don't want to say it was like the trees got together and conspired to spell out "Herbal Essences," but it wasn't not like that — and considering Radha Beauty's 100 percent organic roots, I can't blame the universe (or someone named Radha) conspiring to give the brand some free promo. According to over 9,000 Amazon shoppers' five-star ratings, the brand's rosehip oil deserves it.

Reading through the ample reviews, the running theme is shoppers dropping all their other skincare and base makeup after adopting the non-greasy, fast-drying oil into their routine. People see "tremendous results" for their ice pick scars, uneven skin tone, and breakouts, writing that after trying a Sephora's-worth of products for their acne, a dime size of the $15 oil worked better than $300 prescriptions.

"The best skin care product I've ever bought. I've been using this for a couple weeks now, and it is damn near miraculous," another shopper in their 40s says. "Most of the fine wrinkles on my face are GONE, my acne, gone, and the reddish discoloration that I had in the areas where I used to get acne are improved. My skin is smoother than it's been since I was a kid. This product has worked beyond my wildest expectations."

Radha Rosehip Oil

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That level of praise is ubiquitous through the 3,000+ reviews, where shoppers say it's one of the few products they've tried that shows "nearly instant results." It softens fine lines and uneven texture straight out of the gate, and the results only intensify with use, leaving age and sunspots noticeably faded. After a single nighttime application, one person wrote they saw noticeable firmness in "problem areas" near their eyes, especially in their crows feet and "dark, puffy under eye circles." Within a week, it earned the compliment "facelift in a bottle."

Digging into the science behind the benefits, it's not shocking that people see such extraordinary results. Rosehip oil is rich in moisturizing essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin A, the wonder-working overachiever responsible for retinol, Dr. Michele Green, a cosmetic dermatologist in New York City, tells InStyle. Where some skincare formulas can just sit on top of your skin and fail to deliver the juice where it's really needed, Green explains that rosehip oil's molecular structure is small enough that it can penetrate the deep layers of the skin, which allows it to stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

And that it does. 74-year-olds say that in the space of a few weeks, the fine lines on their cheeks were erased and they were being told they looked 60. Others over 60 say that within one week, their list of concerns, including "deep creases and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots, enlarged pores, [and] dryness" were improved to the point of disappearing. Over 50 shoppers mention that the oil's a miracle, and in the words of one person, "the difference even after the first week is uncanny. Clear, smooth, even, [and] never greasy."

Indeed, the "magic" feats it pulls off do sound otherworldly. A last shopper says that not only did the rosehip oil relieve their stomach's "extreme itching" while pregnant, but it hydrated their stretched postpartum skin and "helped it retract back to its pre-pregnancy look." They were left with zero stretch marks — "but the most amazing thing this oil has done is break down my C-section incision scar. My scar is now nearly GONE." For $15? It's a done deal.

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