Because what says friendship more than matching tattoos?
Pretty Little Liars Cast - Lead 2016
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty

We are mourning the end of an era—the Pretty Little Liars era, to be exact. The show has been on for so long we've almost forgotten what life was like before we met "A," or more accurately, wondered who "A" really was. What did we do on Tuesday nights at 8 PM before this? Go to bed? Eat dinner?

While we've been having a hard time getting used to the idea of saying goodbye to six of our favorite TV characters, it seems that the actual cast of PLL is having an even harder time, but then again obviously. Over the past few weeks, they've been sharing sad Instagram pics about the show ending, but looks like they found a way to commemorate the show—one that will be with them forevs. Yep, they got matching tattoos.

Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Janel Parish, and Sasha Pieterse all got inked with the lower case initial of the character they portrayed on the outside of their index finger.

Not only is the concept of commemorating a character they spent six years playing incredibly sweet, but Lucy Hale also noted that they put the tattoos on their "shh finger."

We'll take this as consolation while we weep over the impending end of our favorite show.