Not to Be Dramatic, but This $24 Vitamin C Mask Changed My Skin in 15 Minutes

My friend thought I got a facial after using it.

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Pixi Vitamin C Mask Review
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Everyone has different skincare goals. Some people want to reduce their fine lines, others want to make it through summer without breaking out, and then there's me, who's pretty much always hoping my complexion looks like I've just returned from a tropical vacation with a sunkissed, lit-from-within glow. When push comes to shove, though, most products have fallen short for me — until I discovered a face mask that accomplished what so many others couldn't on the very first try.

I finally got the gorgeous glow I'd fruitlessly sought for what seemed like forever (in under 20 minutes, to boot) with Pixi Beauty's Vitamin C Remedy Mask. In addition to its main holy grail ingredient, vitamin C, which is heralded for its fountain of youth-like ability to help slow signs of aging, improve skin's elasticity, and treat dark spots — this mask is packed with a combination of radiance boosters. Ferulic acid helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while ginseng works to brighten and green tea soothes redness. The mask has a bouncy, jelly-like texture that I love, which feels instantly cooling upon application (a welcome treat during recent 95-degree days).

Pixi Vitamin C Remedy Mask

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This mask's recommended application time is only 10 minutes, but I'll let you in on a little secret from my recent visit to LA's flagship Pixi boutique: My store associate confided that she likes to keep it on for an hour to really let it work its radiance magic. However, since my skin tends to be on the sensitive side and can react negatively to new products, I was wary of leaving it on for that long, so I decided to try 15 minutes instead. I slathered on the recommended thick layer, watched half an episode of The Mindy Project, and waited (im)patiently. After rinsing it off with a wet washcloth…

My. Skin. Was. Glowing. I didn't even need moisturizer afterwards. I thought maybe I just imagined the glowiness in my brightly lit bathroom mirror, but across a dimly lit table at dinner that evening, my friend said, "Did you get a facial today or something? Your skin is INSANELY glowy." I'm not alone, either — a handful of reviewers rave that their skin is "brighter," "vibrant," and "silky smooth" after using the Pixi mask.

My friend's comment was the only impetus I needed to immediately introduce this oversized tub (it's 10 ounces and sure to last a while) to a place of honor on my vanity and as a weekly addition to my skincare routine. Ready to reach your own #glowgoals? Snag Pixi Beauty's Vitamin C Remedy Mask at Ulta, here.

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