I've Finally Found the Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Out There

Peter Thomas Roth 
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Confession: The one product missing from my extensive skincare routine is also the most important. No matter how many times I've heard dermatologists say that it's crucial to wear sunscreen, I still skip slathering it on in the morning.

I always "forget" to apply sunscreen because most facial formulas I've tried are greasy, pore-clogging, and have that infamous white cast. I've justified my SPF-free skincare routine throughout the years with the fact that I sit inside an office for at least eight hours a day, five days a week. This summer, I've vowed to break this bad habit, and Peter Thomas Roth's new Max Mineral Naked Broad Spectrum SPF 45 ($38; Sephora.com) is going to help me achieve this goal.

The lightweight SPF 45 formula contains zinc oxide along with titanium dioxide. These minerals sit on top of skin to form a barrier that blocks and protects it from UVA/UVB rays, in addition to preventing premature wrinkles and inflammation. The mention of zinc might take you back to the thick, goopy sunscreens of your childhood, but mineral-based formulations like Peter Thomas Roth's are examples of how zinc sunscreen has evolved.

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On top of the SPF protection, the antioxidants and sunflower extract in this facial sunscreen nourish skin so that it stays smooth and hydrated. Diamond power and a universal tint that adapts to your skin tone upon contact leaves your face with an all-over healthy glow, which is perfect for makeup-free days at the beach (where you still want your skin to look good).

I never thought I would look forward to applying sunscreen everyday, but this one absorbs so quickly into my skin and makes it so glowy—not oily—that it's now my favorite part of my skincare routine.

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