Shoppers Say This Crease Serum Is Like Filler In a Bottle — and It's 40% Off At Nordstrom's Cyber Monday Sale

Shoppers Say This Anti-Aging Serum Makes Them Look 10 Years Younger, and It's 30% Off

70-year-olds are in the comments posting pictures, and they’re actually stunning.
By Rachel Nussbaum
Nov 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
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Falling in love with a skincare product isn't easy. Yes, there are those that prove their worth right out of the gate, but more often than not, products don't make a life-changing difference - and when they do, it's after months of steady use. So when you hear about people who sign up for a beauty subscription service, receive a new product, and start to see serious results right away - only to discover it costs $179 for one fluid ounce - well, Shakespeare couldn't write a greater tragedy. Or a greater twist, because in Dermstore's Cyber Monday sale, one said life-changing serum is 30 percent off

That's the story you get from the copious reviews of Perricone MD's Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum. The name sounds like something out of a chemistry textbook, but the brand describes Acyl-Glutathione as three amino acids that combine to create Glutathione, the body's main antioxidant (kind of sounds like a Marvel plot, no?). According to Perricone MD, this secret ingredient helps to reduce the look of deep creases and improve fragile, aging skin by protecting, repairing, and detoxifying the surface.

As a beauty writer, I've spent countless hours hearing from dermatologists who all seem to have the same anti-aging advice: To prevent deep creases and wrinkles, use a daily combination of sunscreen and moisturizer to stop sun damage and environmental stress before they indent your face for good, or until Botox gets involved. 

Not very hope-inspiring, but there's an exception to every rule, and shoppers swear Perricone's serum works as well as filler for easing fine lines. You have to respect anything that inspires 70-year-olds to hop online and leave a review, complete with pictures, about how resoundingly impressed they are.

While the serum doesn't have any reviews on Dermstore just yet, hundreds of Ulta shoppers left positive ratings. "I am 68 years young and have been battling cancer for over two years. After rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and numerous surgeries, my face and neck became a wrinkled mess...I was devastated and stressed out, thinking I would also need injections at the very least," wrote one. "I invested in a number of Perricone MD products and hoped for the best. Within a few months of consistent use, my wrinkles have plumped up and filled out very much, so much so that I already have another bottle ready to go when my first one runs out. I never want to be without this little miracle."

Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum PERRICONE MD
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Shop now: $125 (Originally $179);

Another shopper adds, "this saved me from Botox, as I was seriously considering it when the first signs of aging surfaced on my forehead" and continued, "I would recommend this for those wanting to reduce the appearance of deep lines, it really works!"  

And lastly: "A few years back I started to get 'marionette lines' with crinkles in them. Ewww! I started using this and the lines are gone. I just use one pump in the morning after I cleanse my face, and apply around my mouth and in the area where the creases were. I am 71 years old and people think I am under 60. Not bad for a former 'sun worshipper'."

The rub: This magic-working serum usually costs $179, so it's out of most people's budget. But in Dermstore's Cyber Monday sale right now, the flinch-inducing price tag is knocked down to a much more reasonable $125 by using the code ShareTheLove at checkout. And when you compare it to the price of Botox, there's no argument for passing this sale up. 

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