Perk Is the Best Thing to Happen to Your Face Since the HydraFacial

Woman at Spa Facial - Lead 2016
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Let's face it, who doesn't want to be able to splurge on a regular facial? Unfortunately, that doesn't always end up being a possibility because being an adult is hard and sometimes we have to spend our money on things like food. But, we're in luck—even if a HydraFacial may not be a realistic option for us, there is a way to #TreatYoself, without totally bankrupting yourself at the same time. Meet Perk, which was created by the same doctors who invented the Hydrafacial.

So what is Perk? It's a 10-minute treatment that has literally no downtime. Basically, it uses patented roller-flex technology to remove dead cells and impurities through suction to open up pores and deliver antioxidant treatments. It's super simple and you leave with that same vial to use at home for extended treatment, which is fantastic because that means you keep your results for longer.

You're probably intrigued, right? Here's some more need-to-know info. You can opt for three different treatments: eyes, lips, or face, or all 3. While the facial and eye treatment will brighten and give you glow, the lip treatment will exfoliate your lips and give you the most gorgeous temporary plumping of your pillowy pout. It's seriously incredible, and I would know because I tried it.

But I have to say the best part of these treatments are that they are reasonably priced. While the lips will run you $29.95, eyes come in at $39.95, and your whole face? Well, that comes to a whopping $49.95. And with that, treating your skin just got a whole lot more affordable.

If you're wondering where you can get a Perk treatment, head on over to to find a select skin-care spa and dermatologist offices that offer it near you.

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